2018 Prayer Bullets Our Daily Manna – War Against Haman-13

2018 Prayer Bullets War Against Haman-13

Prayer Bullets for Winners (War Against Haman-13)

  1. Psalm 136:1; Thank you LORD, for your goodness, mercy and faithfulness.
  2. Vs 1; Thank you LORD, for this privilege to be a part of this fasting programme again.
  3. Romans 3:23; Says “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. Therefore LORD, I confess my sins to You now and beseech You for your forgiveness and mercy this day in Jesus name.
    Today’s Worldwide Fasting General Prayer Points.

2018 Prayer Bullets War Against Haman-13

2018 Prayer Bullets War Against Haman-13

2018 Prayer Bullets War Against Haman-13

  1. Psalm 136:1; LORD, have mercy on me. Let your enduring mercy be my portion today in Jesus name.
  2. Psalm 19:12; Father cleans me from secret faults by Your Blood this year in Jesus name.
  3. Psalm 5:2; Father, cleanse me from secret sins by your Blood this year in Jesus name. Highlight of War against Haman 2018

  4. Psalm 199:11; LORD, let Your Word settle in my heart to keep from sinning in Jesus name.

  5. Vs 29; LORD, deliver and remove me from the way of lying this year in Jesus name. Today’s Worldwide Fasting General Prayer Points.

  1. 1 John 2:16; You root and sin of pride destroying my life, be cut off now by fire Jesus name.
  2. Vs 16; You root and sin of lust in my life, be cut off from me now by fire in Jesus name. 2018 Prayer Bullets War Against Haman-13

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  1. Vs 16; You lust and sin of the eyes, be removed from my life now by the Blood of Jesus name.
  2. You root and strength of sin messing up my life, die now by fire in Jesus name.

War Against Haman 21 days fasting 2018 pdfdownload

As we look unto the year spiritual maturity is important, that is why Pastor Adeboye also gave a piece of important advice as touching the open heavens devotional. Some people are so entangled in other activities that they simply skim through the texts every time. Well, it won’t help you that much. open heaven for today According to the Man of God, when a person just reads it, the person “skim the surface”. But when they study, they will “discover the treasure”. Looking forward to open heaven 2020 Then get set for a change of story forever as we study Gods word for 2020 and on.


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  1. Good Morning Sir

    I am a lady from South Africa, I visited Nigeria (Abuja) for the first time last year and I was introduced to Our Daily Manna by a family friend. I still remember I bought 3 copies of the ODM and WAH for my Mom, cousin and I. I was blessed and empowered spiritually. This year I am in SA but I am still following ODM , I am participating in the 21 day fasting and I am getting my devotions online.

    I would like to thank God for this Ministry and for the Revelation of God’s word upon the Man Of God. By God’s Grace I will be at the 2019 Anointing Service. I am really blessed to have been introduced to the ODM!

    Glory Be To God!

  2. We thank God for this amazing testimony, this is the most joyful part of the ministry, see people read ODM and we see amazing testimonies. Continue to grow in faith, and don’t relent. We keep posting daily prayers so that you also don’t miss anything.

    God bless you abundantly

  3. Am so delighted to get this, a I hv been looking for it to join in prayer this year.am not in Nigeria

  4. Great, keep reading, as we would do our best to serve you the daily dose of Our Daily Manna Online. God bless

  5. Am Grace Opaluwa. I thank God for using you to bless us. Pls I want to be receiving war against haman prayer points through my email

  6. Thanks, welcome you, Grace, Kindly Scroll Down this website and add your email to receive free updates and prayer Points. God bless you

  7. Greetings and God bless you for the tremendous work you are doing in changing our lives,I would like to receive war against Haman prayer points through email.Am based in Livingstone, zambia and by the time I arrived at the bookshop to get a copy I found them selling the last copy to another client.

  8. Pls I want to be receiving war against haman through my email

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  12. I was late for the fasting for 21 days Fasting on the 6th January 2018 – I got the War Against Haman 13 very late – i got the book very very late – so i decided to fast on the 14th February – next month – i whether it is good to fast on the 14th February 2018. Please i want to know whether i should fast on the 14th February.


  13. Please Understand the fasting is still ongoing, Join now it’s not too late, God is still much available to bless you as you Join the House of God in this spiritual exercise

  14. My sister in Abuja has just introduced me to this religious group
    What are the times of the fasting
    Do they have prayer group in london

  15. i will like to receive the daily prayer through my mail

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    God bless you.

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  26. Franklin ozomadu

    Good day thanks for the angel called odm. Pls how can I get prayer points from war against haman. Here is my email. Franklinozomadu@gmail.com.
    Thanks God bless.

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    God bless you

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  33. Hillary Simitian

    Hi you have a easy to navigate posting site It was very easy to post easy to understand

  34. Nwosu chimankpa Prince

    I am Nwosu chimankpa Prince I would love to be seen daily devotional on my mail and would also love to be receiving war against haman 2019 on my email address. please

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