Hear this: “The Bible, prayer, the house of God – These are the GOLDEN PIPES through which the GOLDEN OL (Divine Elevation) is poured,” Yes! Your DIVINE ELEVATION this year is Via these 5 “Ps” of PREPARING FOR A FAST-Prayerful Preparation Prevents Poor Performance! William Gurnall said: “God expects to hear from you before you can expect to hear from Him. If thou restrainest prayer, it is no wonder the mercy – ELEVATION promised is retained” (modified). Jesus also declared in Matthew 17:21, “However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting”. Did you get that? That means there are some of life’s challenges and stubborn battles that only bow to prayer MIXED WITH FASTING! Yes, there are battles that can bow with just NORMAL PRAYERS! But the ley to many other battles is NORMAL PRAYERS MIXED WITH SERIOUS FASTING!T call it, “THE PRAYER+ (prayer plus) SECRET OF ELEVATION.”

odm Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe


Don’t quit now because your Divine Elevation harvest is sure and the VALLEY OF BONES God is still alive! Satan and his demonic agents will do everything to stop you from partaking in your UPCOMING FASTING PROGRAMME, because he knows that for God to WATER your LAND fo DIVINE ELEVATION testimony to locate you, you must fast and pray again and again sometimes! Yes, HE KNOWS! Daniel, Elijah, Moses, Jesus and Paul etc, prayed again, and fasted again and they were “DIVINELY ELEVATED” in life and ministry. And YOU ARE NEXT! Oh! Rebel, reject and loose yourself from THESE DE- ELEVATION TRAPS: Pride, malice, double tongue, unforgiveness, bitterness, secret sins, doubt, regrets and delay of past prayers and fear, which are testimony blockers! Avoid these satanic traps because prayerful preparation prevents poor performance! This is your year and every Dry/Barren destiny shall be watered again because you must move to your Elevation Avenue IN JESUS NAME! Amen and amen!

Pray the prayers below for a week or days before your fast begins!

  1. Begin to thank the LORD for the breath of life and for the privilege of beginning and partaking in this DIVINE ELEVATION year, 2020 with prayer and fasting
  2. Thank the LORD in advance for your all round Divine Elevation party this year and for rolling away years of depression, demotion and stagnation.
  3. LORD, You are my glory and the LIFTER UP-ELEVATOR of my head. Therefore, my star and destiny shall rise like the morning star this NEW YEAR 2020 in Jesus name.
  4. Abba Father! As I partake in this fast, turn my life into a mysterious wonder in Jesus name.
  5. Thank you LORD, for this year’s 21-day, 14-day and other fasting programmes I shall embark upon as I am led this year, there shall be manifestations in Jesus name.
  6. LORD, in this fasting programme, I shall encounter the supernatural and my life, family and ministry shall never be the same again in Jesus name.


  1. O God, in this fasting programme, mountains shall move and valleys shall melt before me this year because I must be ELEVATED in Jesus name.
  2. I receive a renewed confidence and courage to start and finish this fast again. I uproot discouragement due to delayed answers of the past now in Jesus name…
  3. I command every power prepared to deny me of the benefits of this fast and my imminent testimonies to scatter and dry up now in Jesus name.
  4. O God, let every force released to remind me of past, delayed and undelivered prayers so as to stop me from partaking in this 2020 fast be arrested now in Jesus name.
  5. You spirit of depression, anxiety and heaviness planted to rob me of the right frame of mind for this fasting programme, dry up now in Jesus name.

12 LORD, in this fasting programme, let there be Angelic Visitations and Intervention after the order of Jacob that will usher me into my ELEVATION BANQUET this year in Jesus name.
13 LORD, In this 2020 fasting program, every word I utter to the heavens shall deliver my elevation rocket answers by fire in Jesus name. PRAYERS TO BEGIN EACH MONTH OF 2020! – “Promises For Each Month”CLICK HERE
14. Now START CUTTING DOWN ON YOUR FOOD IN-TAKE AND GET INSTRUCTIONS CONCERNING FASTING SECRETS by reading pages 1-4 of this booklet to prepare yourself in this fast (21-day 11th January – Friday 31st January 2020 and 14-day fasting 12th July – Saturday 25th July 2020).


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