Daily Manna 14 December 2018 – A WORM CAN BECOME A BOMB

Daily Manna 14 December 2018


Basic Scripture: Isaiah 41: 10-19

Basic Scripture is amazing! Amazing because it is between the word “confusing” and the word “misleading” and yet it is none of both. How can a worm that is delicate, weak and easily bruised by a stone or crushed beneath any foot become a sharp object of war? That is a wonder of the God you serve that is one of the mysteries of why you are passing through some battles that your brain cannot comprehend. Also read here Our Daily Manna 13 Dec 2018 – “PRESS ON! PRESS ON! PRESS ON!

Daily Manna 14 December 2018

Daily Manna 14 December 2018

God called Jacob a worm – despised, weak, unconnected, disrespected, hated, used and dumped, disliked, etc, yet God told him: “Fear not, I will help thee…I will make thee a sharp threshing instrument having teeth: Thou shall thresh the mountains (problems, obstacles and difficulties) and beat them small…” Oh, the wonders of your God! When God allows certain trials or disappointments, he is helping you or turning you from a “worm” into a “bomb.”

So as 2018 ends, God can take the darkest disappointment, break it up and discover a precious jewel of grace within. No wonder Williams Hazlitt wrote: “Prosperity is a great teacher; adversity is a great teacher.” Coventry Patmore also wrote: “Every evil is some good spelt backwards and in it the wise know how to read wisdom.” Wilson Churchill told his nation: “We shall draw from the heart of suffering, itself, the means of inspiration and survival.”

Daily Manna 14 December 2018

Truly it is a mystery why tribulations produce patience (Romans 5: 3), but for a worm to become a sharp threshing instrument (a bomb) against satanic kingdoms, God allows the bomb pass through the University of Temporary Difficulties (UTD). The certificate you get at the end is an MCA – Mountain Crushing Anointing! Yes, as 2018 ends, never forget this: WORMS CAN BECOME BOMBS! Hold on and hold out!


Give out the 2019 ODM /”War Against Haman – 14 copies to souls! I see you moving from STORY TO GLORY for every copy given out! Amen and amen! Daily Manna 14 December 2018 – A WORM CAN BECOME A BOMB

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 1:My faith looks up…
1. Pray on the Word today! Lord, turn my life, family and ministry into Your tool for Your end-time move in Jesus name – Pray it very, very well.

2. Lord, cause a revolution in my life and use my life as a terror to the gates of hell. Lord, use me to crush and bulldoze satanic pillars.

3. Holy Spirit, crush the following obstacles from my pathway of progress in Jesus name (Mention them now). Daily Manna 14 December 2018 – A WORM CAN BECOME A BOMB
4. O Lord, by Your power, accelerate my testimony hour (Pray it for the 3 days serously).


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  1. Amen and amen

  2. Olanrewaju Sulaiman

    Our is a converter of a worm to wonder unto many. Thanks for this rhema. So comforting.

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