Daily Manna 18 November 2018 – IMMACULEE: THAT WAS ALL I HAD TO OFFER!

Daily Manna 18 November 2018


Basic Scripture: Romans 12: 17-21

Yesterday, we read about the inspiring story of the woman who survived one of the most horrible encounter of the 20th Century, and how she came out a stronger and BOLD person. When Immaculee spoke those powerful words, “I FORGIVE YOU,” the man who brought her to see the murderer in jail suddenly became angry. Read ODM 17 Nov. 2018 – Click here

Daily Manna 18 November 2018

Daily Manna 18 November 2018

He said: “What was that all about, Immaculee? That was the man who murdered your family. I brought him to you to question him and to spit o him if you wanted to. BUT YOU FORGAVE HIM! How could you do that? Why did you forgive him?” Her answer was powerful, “FORGIVENESS WAS ALL I HAS TO OFFER.” Amazing! It was Martin Luther King Jr who said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

When people treat you with scorn and hatred, their intention is to get you filled with something in them: HATE! DON’T TAKE IT! Don’t let them infect you with their evil spirit of negativity and hatred. That is why Jesus told the people to cultivate the attitude of forgiveness. As 2018 ends, never forget this: You Don’t Have To Wait For People To Apologize Before You Forgive Them. Don’t Let Them Tie Down Your Destiny! Forgive them as fast as possible and get over the hurt! God can “revenge” for you much more than you can do!

How do you keep yourself from allowing that evil spirit of hatred to enter you from them? By forgiving them as fast as possible! Forgiveness must be complete! When you forgive someone, you must never bring that offense against them. You must offer your forgiveness and NEVER TAKE IT BACK no matter what! Hear the words of Henry Ward Beecher, “I can forgive but I cannot forget,” which is only another way of saying, ‘I cannot forgive.’

Daily Manna 18 November 2018

Forgiveness ought to be like a cancelled note – torn in two, and burned up, so that it cannot be shown against one! That is what Jesus Christ did for you, and that is what you should do to people who hurt/offend you. Never let the hurt of the past hold you down and limit you from moving forward to enjoy the riches and pleasures of the future that God has prepared for you. I see a greater 2019!

(Sow the 2019 ODM and “WAR Against Haman – 14” booklets as Christmas/New Year Gift item to others)! You will end 2018 well in Jesus name!

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 1: My faith looks up…
1. In your own words, pray about the word as led.
2. Lord, thank you for Your never-failing loving and mercy. Daily Manna 18 November 2018 – IMMACULEE: THAT WAS ALL I HAD TO OFFER!

3. I offer forgiveness to all those who have hurt me in the past, and I release them in the hands of God. Daily Manna 18 November 2018 – IMMACULEE: THAT WAS ALL I HAD TO OFFER!
4. As 2018 ends, LORD, RESTORE all I have lost this year in Jesus name!


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