Daily Manna 3rd May 2024 HE WAS REMEMBERED!

Daily Manna 3rd May 2024


Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe Prayer ODM
Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe Prayer ODM

There is a book of remembrance. It is a book that records every good thing that you have done in the past. The Bible says in Hebrews that God is not unjust to forget your labour of love. If you are doing well, you can be sure that you will one day be rewarded.


Never give up. Galatians 6: 9 says that we should not be weary in well doing because IN DUE SEASON, we will reap if we faint not. There is always a due season. Whenever you do good to someone, just let it ring in your heart that the harvest season is coming! Yes! There is always a due season! God will not forget you. That was the case for Mordecai. He was faithful and consistent. He served the king to the best of his ability. He heard about an evil plot and he was bold to report it. His good work was written in the book of chronicles before the king. Let me say this again: If kings of the earth can be wise to write down records of every good thing that their subjects do for them for future reference, how much more the God and King of heaven? Be assured that every good thing you have done and that you do is written and is being writtendaily IN THE BOOK OF CHRONICLES BEFORE THE KING OF KINGS/THE LORD OF LORDS.Even when people you have done good for, pay you back by INGRATITUDE, refuse to be bitter! Always remember that: There is always a due season and a BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE which contains your name! Mordecai was remembered and you are next! Hold on and hold out! You will laugh!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: Great is Thy faithfulness…

  1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led.
  2. I will not give up on man or God. I know GOD IS FAITHFUL!
    I will continue to do good in the lives of people around me. I
    know that my harvest is coming and my REMEMBRANCE
    SEASON is near!
  3. Mordecai was remembered and I am next!(Pray it for 3 days).
  4. Father, cause my reward to come to me SPEEDILY!
    Every demonic agent holding back my reward, LOOSE YOUR
    BLESSINGS (Pray it seriously for 3 days).
  5. Pray about today. See pages 7-24 devotional prayers!
    Daily Manna 3rd May 2024

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