Daily Manna April 17 2019  Topic: YOUR “BELLY OF THE FISH SEASON!

Daily Manna April 17 2019


BASIC SCRIPTURES: JONAH 1:17; Psalm 88:1-18

From today’s first scripture, there are times when God will allow a painful situation or a painful circumstance to “swallow us up.” I call this season in our spiritual growth as: “IN THE BELLY OF THE FISH.” it is a season when you can’t move to the left or to right. It is a season when all you can do is to sit like Jonah sat in the belly of that divine fish so that God can have our undivided attention and speak to us.

odm aril devotion
odm aril devotion

God put Jonah in the belly of the fish because He needed to rearrange his life’s assignment and speak to his heart. It was a season where Jonah was “all alone” -no friends to call, no relatives to ask questions, no colleagues to drop by, no food to eat, and no interruptions! He had plenty of time to sit, think, meditate and pray! Sounds familiar? At least for me, YES! When David passed through his “BELLY OF THE FISH” experience, see what he said: “Thou has put away mine acquaintance far from me… I am shut up and I cannot come forth” (Psalms 88:8).

Wow! Vs. 6 had said: “Thou hast laid me in the lowest pit, in darkness, in the deeps.” That’s a typical, “IN THE BELLY OF THE FISH” experience! The LORD is using today’s devotional to ask you to look up to Him if you are passing through a difficult phase of your life right now! Every trial is allowed for a reason and for a season! James Allen browsed on this thus:  “No situation can be difficult of itself: It is the lack of insight into the intricacies and the want of wisdom in dealing with It,  which gives rise to the difficulty transcended.”  

The intricacies (mysteries) of any allowed difficulty in your life is plain to God. If you wait on Him in your “FISH BELLY” experience, your life will become a City of Achievement on the top of a hill along the popular STORY to GLORY avenue! Hold on to your God!

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ODM April 2019 Day 14 THE 3 LINES: TAKE A STAND


Take any song/hymn as led from the back of this booklet today!

  1. Worship God and pray in the Spirit today!
  2. Are you in a difficult situation – The Fish belly? Cry out to God to bring you out! Receive grace to wait!
  3. Pray the morning, afternoon and evening devotional prayers!
  4. Pray any other prayer(s) as led! See: War Against Haman 14 prayer points HERE




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  1. Christos Dordunos

    I want to grow more spiritual with God and The Holy Spirit and His Word.

  2. Thanks man of God indeed you are a messenger sent from God you really speak to my life let every situation be vomited in Jesus Name.

  3. Dear God please remove me out of the fish belly. Am in the belly fish…my financial situation and my failing at school. Dear Lord have mercy on me. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  4. Glory! AMEN and AMEN

  5. Am very touched thanks very much Man of GOD ,This is my message i will truly look up on to my heavenly father…

  6. nmachinyere Joseph

    Tnx so much man of God,,, cos it’s my message. ..God please bless my womb with twins a boy & a girl dis year..Amen

  7. fiawoyife deladem

    i read this word laughing because this is my life right now.even though it hurts im developing myself and getting closser to God the reason i cannot go without odm is that most times whatever im going through is always being addressed the following day in this devotional.sometimes i get surprised and want to cross check with others if we are reading the same page or is specially meant for me.Pastor ,God richly bless you and fill and feed you till you want no more

  8. Man of God I thank you for this morning devotion, it really touched my heart, I am undergoing failures, disappointments, backwardness at this moment of my life, and the devotion was is exactly what I passing through now, I am touched in heart and I believe that God will surely make a way

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