Daily Manna Devotional 11 January 2019 – YOUR HATERS SHALL FORGET YOU BY FORCE!

Daily Manna Devotional 11 January 2019


Basic Scripture: 1 Samuel 23: 19-29

In today’s scripture, Verse 26, it seemed like the life and ministry of DAVID was FINISHED! This was because he was surrounding (TRAPPED) in the caved by the most important army on earth at that time – the army of King Saul! Truly if size really mattered, the elephant will be the king of the jungle! David was like a rat compared to Saul, an elephant! He seemed TRAPPED and HOPELESS! But suddenly, HELP was sent from above and King Saul and all his intelligence and weapons, of war was DISTRACTED FROM DAVID through a terrible news he heard!

Daily Manna Devotional 11 January 2019

Daily Manna Devotional 11 January 2019

And that same SUDDEN HELP will locate you this year! HELP shall come from unexpected quarters and DIVINE SURPRISE will be your name! I am led to prophesy: God Will send every enemy of your glory on a mission they will never return from this year. Ah! They will hear bad news that will make them to hide for cover! Their deadly mission will be aborted by fire and thunder in Jesus name. The Lord who DISTRACTED SAUL, shall DISTRACT your haters and mockers this year by fire!

They will develop DIVINE AMNESIA – meaning THEY SHALL FORGET YOU! AMNESIA means LOSS OF MEMORY due to medical disorder or severe psychological disturbance! Saul was distracted by God so that the STORY LIFE OF DAVID would change to HIS GLORY HOUR! So that GLORY HOUR of David would manifest! Oh! Don’t miss the WORLD ANOINTING STORY TO GLORY NIGHT OF 12 PROPHETIC ARROWS OF JANUARY 25TH, AT the TBS, LAGOS! Sow a “DIVINE AMNESIA SEED” and pray the glory psalm that will be sent to you!

Daily Manna Devotional 11 January 2019

Today is DAY 7 of the 21-day fasting praogramme; open to PAGE 41 CLICK HERE of “WAR AGAINST HAMAN – 14” booklet for today’s 21-day fasting prayers now! This is your year! They must forget you! Amen and amen! Pray now!

Make this year so awesome that last year gets jealous! Something awesome is about to happen! Determine to be at the January 25th 2019 World Anointing service at TBS, Lagos. This is your STORY TO GLORY YEAR!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: The old rugged cross…
1. I cannot be trapped; O LORD of hosts, provoke a distraction in the camp of my HATERS this year in Jesus name.

2. LORD, just like Saul, let my pursuers be distracted this day and year with confusion in Jesus name.
3. LORD GOD, as many that are out to trap my life, family and ministry, distract them with calamities this year in Jesus name. This is my year!

4. Pray about today and pray the above “WAR AGAINST HAMAN – 14” prayers now! Bla Bla Bla is over! Results are here! See → “THE JUMP AND PASS NIGHT


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Grace Phiri
Grace Phiri
5 years ago


5 years ago

I am perplexed about the posts,
May you all never lack the presence of GOD.
Thank you all!!
I am really grateful!!
This year is indeed my GLOYR SHOWCASING YEAR.

5 years ago

Amen powerful message lam really grateful

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