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Our Daily Manna Devotional 6 December 2017

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Our Daily Manna Devotional 6 December 2017


Basic Scripture:Daniel 6:10-28 Our Daily Manna Devotional 6 December 2017
There was a master searching for a vessel to use! On the
shelf, there were many vessels. “Take me and use me”, cried the golden vessel: “I am shiny and
bright. I am of great value and I do things just right. My beauty and luster
will outshine the rest and for someone like you master, gold will be best.”
Our Daily Manna Devotional 6 December 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotional 6 December 2017

The mater passed on without a word. Next came the silver vessel: “Master, I will serve
you, I will pour out your wine. My lines are so graceful; my calves so true and
my silver will always compliment you.” Again, the master looked at it and moved
on to the vessel of brass: “Oh master,
look at me. Here am I.i know I will do. Place on the table for all to see.” our daily manna prayer points

ODM Daily Devotional December 6, 2017

The unsatisfied mater passed on and came to the vessel of wood: I said: “You may
use me dear master, but I prefer you use me for fruit, not for bread.” They now
finally angry master came to the vessel
of clay,
which said: “I am empty and broken. I am helpless not fit for your
use.” “Ah the excited master exclaimed. This is the vessel I have been looking
for. I will mend and will use it and
make it mile to my taste.”He gently lifted the vessel of clay and mended it,
filled it and spoke to it: “This work you must do-just pour out to others as I have
poured into you.”Our Daily Manna Devotional 6 December 2017
What a story and what a school! Oh, that you might be a vessel
of clay to God. Like Daniel in today’s scripture, if He decides to mend you
through circumstances of temporary delay, pain, disgrace or various vents of
life, just wait on Him. Did Daniel commit any sin? No sir! No ma! Yet the
POTTER allowed his temporary pain for his permanent gain to spring forth! What
He allows you to pass through is His mending process of producing a VESSEL OF
HONEY out of your life! Ah! Most vessels of honour   were
rejected  vessels of pain and humility! our daily manna download 2017
So as the CHIEF POTTER works on your life and ministry,
remain the clay you are! Don’t complain or allow depression! JUST SURRENDER!  Your POTTER will never llow you to end up in
SHAME! Ask Daniel! Amen and amen! Don’t miss the LAST-MINUTE-MIRACLE ANOINTING
service of this Saturday! All things are possible!
Plan and prepare to
attend the Manna Mountain Lagos for the last 2017 ANOINTING SEVICE on SATURDAY
December 9th, 8am-11am  with the theme: “TH

Our Daily Manna Devotional December 6 2017

song of worship as led.
In your own words, pray about today’s word as
Surrender your life again now. Ask the Lord to
make you what He wants you to be. Lord, use me!
Oh, POTTER of my DESTINY; remould  me into a vessel of HONOUR! I vow NEVER to
share the GLORY with You in Jesus name. CACEL premature death today!
Pray any other prayer(s) as led.

Our Daily Manna Devotional 6 December 2017

Pray in the morning, afternoon and evening of
this devotional prayer points.

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