Daily Manna Devotional For 13th May 2018 – HE GOT JUST A TOOTHPICK

Daily Manna Devotional For 13th May 2018



A guy attended a wedding and the reception! The reception was a gathering of just about 35 people. He sat on the front seat. Then a lady started food. She started from the back and unfortunately, it didn’t reach those at the front. When her friends started sharing drinks, they started from the front, but unfortunately, he had already changed his seat to the back. Read about- ‘JUST A CIGARETTE SPARK ‘ ODM Daily 12 May 2018 HERE

Daily Manna Devotional For 13th May 2018

Daily Manna Devotional For 13th May 2018

Again, the drinks didn’t reach him. The guy was so furious and he stood up to take his leave. But then he saw three ladies with a big bowl and he tried to be wise by sitting in the middle. To his uttermost surprise, one of the ladies started sharing from the front and the second lady started distributing from the back. It was turkey meat! When it got to the middle, where he was seated, it got finished again. Feeling so frustrated ,he bent his head, not looking at any face.

But then, the third lady tapped him and stretched her bowl that he should pick something. Gladly, with a sense of joy, he stretched his hand, but guess what was in the bowl? TOOTHPICKS! The lessons from today’s devotional story are many

1. Wait for GOD to locate you where you are 2. Don’t change your divine location, faith or belief due to delays or battles. 3. God knows your seat! Don’t try to be smart and miss his blessings. There are times to make things happen and there are times to allow things to happen. 4. Hurry can lead to sorry at last! So be patient and wait for his DIVINE TIMING!

Daily Manna Devotional For 13th May 2018

No wonder Robert Schuller penned: “Never cut down a tree in the winter time! Never make most important decisions when you are in a worst mood! Wait! Be patient! The storm will pass! The spring will come!” 5. The race is not for the swift! (Today’s scripture vs11)! It is not by power or might! Stop running around big men and women! It’s not by who you know! It is by his mercy and grace! Seek His mercy and grace this year! You will never end up in shame in Jesus name. Amen and amen!

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Daily Manna Devotional For 13th May 2018

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 5: when the morning comes…
1. Thank God for today’s word and pray as you are led!
2. This year, I shall not miss my divine timing due to impatience, hurry and worry.
3. Every witchcraft attack targeting my joy and celebration this year, scatter by fire in Jesus name (pray it with holy violence).
4. Pray about today seriously and any other issue(s) affecting your peace.


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Eneless salachi
Eneless salachi
6 years ago


6 years ago

Good morning,pls I need everyone to pray for me and my family,that God should fulfill his promises to us and put the devil to shame. It’s not been easy

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