Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 18 June 2018 – PERU: THE DEVIL’S CURVE AGAIN! A CURVE IS NOT AN END!

Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 18 June 2018



In the last quarter of 2017, 48 people were said to have been killed after a bus plunged 10ft on to a beach from a cliff in Peru. The vehicle, which was travelling on a coastal highway about 25 miles north of the capital Lima, flew off the road after being hit by a tractor-trailer.

Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 18 June 2018

Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 18 June 2018

About 57 people were on board at the time of the crash, and colonel Dino Escudero of the police’s highway patrol division said rescuers were working to pull out survivors from the partially submerged wreckage, with the bodies of passengers scattered among the seaside rocks and that the death toll was likely to rise. The place where the bus flew from the road is known as the “DEVIL’S CURVE? Did you hear that? “DEVIL’S CURVE” THAT IS NOTORIOUS FOR SERIOUS, DEVASTATING ROAD ACCIDENTS!

Any road accident, shipwreck and air crash programmed against you and all yours this year at any satanic curve and T-junction is hereby canceled by fire in Jesus name. You must be alive to be DECORATED this year. But just as these people lost their lives when they got to that so called, “Devils Curve”, that is how millions have lost their lives, dreams, visions, ministries and destinies at certain curves along the journey of their lives.

Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 18 June 2018

And just as the vehicles flew off the road ‘Devils Curve’, that is how many have left the HIGHWAY OF HOLINESS, FOCUS, DIRECTION, DEDICATION, PURPOSE AND FAITH IN GOD and are pursuing after vanities. THEY MISS THE MARK AND MISS THEIR MAKING. That shall not be your end-story in Jesus name. As you journey through 2018 and life in general, you will come across curves on your way!

Curves/BENDS are distractions but sometimes they are necessary bus-stop which you must be willing to go through to get to your destination. Sickness is only a curve not an end! Betrayal, blackmail and conspiracy are only curves and not ends! That loss of job, marital delay, financial attack and disappointment, etc, despite your fasting, tithing and working for God, are only curves and bends in your journey to your promised land! Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 18 June 2018

No matter how 2018 has been, always remember that A BEND/CURVE ON YOUR WAY IS NOT THE END OF YOUR WAY! Just keep your gaze and stay focused on God and His Word BY FORCE! Winning is as simple as knowing where to focus! Keep looking forward! When Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den, it was a BEND and not the END of his destiny. I SEE THE ANGELS PREPARING YOUR DECORATION PARTY. KEEP FOCUS ALIVE! Hold on and hold out!

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 5; when the morning comes…
1. Pray now concerning today’s word as led! Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 18 June 2018
2. My father! My father!! Every satanic curve/BEND positioned to disrupt and intercept my destiny, scatter now in Jesus name.

3. You satanic curves meant to block my focus this year, scatter now in Jesus name.
4. Lord, this bend/curve in my life this year shall promote/decorate me at last in Jesus name (mention it now and pray seriously). Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 18 June 2018


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