Our Daily Manna Devotional November 27, 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotional November 27, 2017


Basic Scripture: Daniel 12:1-13
Cloning of human being could possibly be the latest medical
controversy in the world today. HUMAN CLONING is a process whereby you produce
a person out of a person without sperm cells. Its emphasis is using body cells
and accelerating their growth.
Our Daily Manna Devotional November 27, 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotional November 27, 2017

You can now get a carbon copy of a person in just 6 months
by taking a woman’s eggs and many part of her or any or any human body cells
without a man’s sperm. Indeed, a man who believed that aliens visited the earth
some 25,000 years ago and created every form of life, claimed recently to have
cloned the world’s first baby. Don’t forget that since the world’s first
test-tube was produce 24 years ago, there are now about 250,000 children ‘created’

Our Daily Manna November 2017

Now it is HUMAN CLONING! The first cloned baby was named Eve
in 2002 and people can now take the cell of the dead relative, fuse with many
egg, and produce the carbon copy of that person. The first reaction worldwide
was that of shock. However, as these signals begin to emerge, the words of
Daniel 12:4 become so real: “Seal the book, even to the times of the end: many
shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased.” our daily manna prophecies
AND FRO,” means international researches in search of knowledge! Wow! KNOWLEDGE
SHAL BE INCREASED! HUMAN CLONING is still a controversy, not fully accepted in
the scientific world and sounds unbib lical, but I hope you know that JEHOVAH
ADONAI created the eggs of the woman and cells of the body which scientists are
The emphasis in today’s devotional however, is that we are
in the times of the end. Can you doubt that? It is time to sit up and take
stock daily of your life in this planet. If the rapture should take place now,
are you really sure that your name is still in the Book of Life? Do a
self-check/examination and may we meet at the Foursquare City! Live as if
Christ died yesterday and is coming back today!

Our Daily Manna Devotional November 27, 2017

OF 2017 ON
December 9th; TIME: 8an-11.30am. VENUE IS OGUDU MOUNTAIN!
PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led.
Pray about the word and rededicate your life to
God today.
Lord, shake out of my life and cleanse me from
whatever will stop me from making it to the end in Jesus name.
My name shall not be missing from the Book if
Life! Mention the names of other believer and pray that their soul will be
saved till the end. Pray about today as led.
In the storms of life, ODM is LIFE’S PARACHUTE. Give a
soul/family the fortitude to get in touch with ODM.
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