Our Daily Manna Devotional November 30, 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotional November 30, 2017


Basic Scripture: Matthew 13:13-32

I had the vibration of music in my inner ears and the wordings so clear, tinkling in my heart:
Despise not the days of little beginnings.
Little things grow to become big.
Big things turn to bigger things, And bigger to biggest.
All started from the little!
A child turns a father of a man someday.
Little things must not be despised.
He who despises the little may not see it grow big.
Despisers of little effort are effortless!
Respect all little beginnings and despise no little results

ODM Daily Devotional 14 December 2017


Our Daily Manna Devotional November 30, 2017

The Holy Ghost want you to know that no matter how, 2017 has been, you must appreciate where you are now – whether little or big! Yes, I know you probably wish for better, bigger or powerful testimonies this year, but never forget that indeed, the whole of life turns to little things at last! All things big, bigger, biggest shall one day turn into little or nothing, since they all started from little! Did I hear you scream, “Small is beautiful”? Despite your age or the fact that you are growing older daily, see less of yourself and how small you are or have achieved. our daily manna bible verses

Our Daily Manna Devotional Prayer Points

God is your PARTNER and owner. God and you are unbeatable! Refuse to fear or be anxious about your last January 21 – day of July 14 day prayer and fasting expectations Walk in confidence and trust Jehovah still! Learn from the mustard seed (Matthew 13: 31-32). Your so-called ‘small progress’ will become a WONDER OR SURPRISE very soon! Almighty God is a specialist in turning small to big. He did it for David (1 Sam 16:1-13) and He will do it for your family, business, life and ministry.

I saw a sign somewhere: “Drive gently! Men at work.” But the sign on your life shall be: “Be vigilant! God is at work!” I into your life today: The miracle that looks impossible, the favour that brings confusion into your enemies’ camp shall locate you for good in Jesus name! Always remember: You will never do great things, if you cannot do small things in a great way! Just keep moving! Resist depression! Your great increase is coming!

PRAYER POINTS: Take song of worship as led.
1. Repent from past self-pity or despising your present level.
2. Appreciate and thank God for where you are now!
Give out the 2018 Our Daily Manna as Christians and New Year gift item. Get your copy from your nearest bookshop or always get in touch with odmdaily now! I prophesy a special testimony as you do so be expectant! YOUR SPECIAL DECORATION IS COMING – 2018!
3. Receive grace to be grateful at your present level in life now!
4. Start planning for the next (2018) Our Daily Manna/odmdaily


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