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Our Daily Manna Devotional November 4, 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotional November 4, 2017

Our Daily Manna November 4,


Always remember this: True worship acknowledges God’s true worth and in every trial you face, worship is at stake!

Topic: The Weapon Of Worship -1 [Saturday, November 4, 2017]

Basic Scriptures: Revelation 4:1-11

Welcome! The greatest relationship between Christ and the saint (believing Christian) centers on worship. See Revelation 4:9-11: “And when those beasts give glory to him that sat on the throne, who liveth forever and ever, the four and twenty elders fall down before him, cast their crowns before the throne saying, “thou art worthy O Lord……….” Listen, child of God, as far as satan is concerned, you must worship him (satan) by force. He attacks you because he wants your worship!

Our Daily Manna Devotional November 4, 2017

Worship is his problem and worship is at stake in every battle/temptation you face. Remember that he fell because he badly needed worship from the other angels. He is still looking for worship! If he gets worship, he has everything and he is willing to do anything to obtain worship with or without any cost. Did he not “beg” Jesus Christ to worship him? (Matt 4:8-9). That’s how desperate Lucifer was and is, in the matter of worship. Satan is seeking to take the place of God in your life! He sends problems, obstacles or trials your way daily and his chief aim is to get you to curse God and worship him (Job 2:9).

As 2017 ends and 2018 begins, the Holy Ghost is screaming out a message to every user of this devotional worldwide: Deny Satan, your worship! In any trial, keep trusting God! To sustain saintly values of holiness will be so tough in these and times, because worship is not just a song. Worship is total submission: Casting your crowns (your time, money, your joy, your life) down!

It means stripping oneself of all that matters that He, JEHOVAH God alone might be exalted. The devil fears a totally submitted life. It is a powerful weapon against him. Pursue it today! Pursue it daily! Always remember this: True worship acknowledges God’s true worth and in every trial you face, worship is at stake!

Give out this 4th quarter ODM copy to souls! Remember, EVANGELISM is God’s heartbeat! I see NEW GRACE on you for every copy given out! Start now!

Prayer Points: Take Song 2: I need thee………..

1. Open again to Revelation 4:9-11 and declare it!

2. Surrender every department of your life to God again.

3. Cast down any crown (mention the most important people or things in your life and submit them to God now).

4. Satan, you will never receive my worship. By the grace of God, I shall stand and not curse God in any crisis.

5. Scatter every satanic agenda to DISGRACE you!

6. Pray about today as led now. See pages 7-9 now

See and use the new page called: “FAITH BOOSTERS.” See page 34 daily! Don’t give up!

By Bishop (Dr) Chris E. Kwakpovwe (Cek)
Publisher/Writer Of ODM And
Daily Manna 2023 is a devotional booklet that provides daily readings and reflections from the Bible. It is a daily devotional that promotes the study and application of the Bible in 2023 and in everyday life. Each day's devotional includes a verse or passage from the Bible, a reflection or message based on that verse, and a prayer. The devotional is designed to help readers draw closer to God and grow in their faith through daily reflection and prayer. It is typically distributed in print form, but is also available online on


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