Our Daily Manna Devotional ODM February 26 2018 Italy: I shall not miss my finals

Our Daily Manna Devotional ODM February 26, 2018

TOPIC – Italy: I shall not miss my finals

Basic Scripture: Revelation 21: 1-8
This is the year of the FIFA World Cup holding in Russia! But the biggest news about the world cup was
that Italy failed to qualify, thus becoming the only former World Cup champion to miss the 2018 World
Cup. Italy had qualified for 18 of the previous 2018 World Cups, missing the one of 1958.

To many people, the world cup without Italy was unthinkable! But a disappointing performance by the Italians,
devoid of inspiration, creativity or organization ended with their exit from the World Cup at the play-off
stages. Everything about that Sweden-Italian was just so terribly un-Italian.


Our Daily Manna Devotional ODM February 26, 2018

But in life, family and
ministry, one man’s hell is another man’s heaven! So as the Italian was weeping, the Swedish players
were running in all directions in celebration! So Italy will not be in Russia for 2018 World Cup and what
the Holy Ghost wants you to know is that, just as it happened to Italy, you must work out your own
salvation with fear and trembling DAILY! That you are on fire for God, today does not mean that you will
make heaven at last! Moses missed the Promised Land! Don’t forget that even Judas the sick and cast
out devils before he lost it all to greed! Today’s champion can become tomorrow’s weeping/laughing
stock! Gehazi missed it and did not make it to the finals! Ahithophel missed it and his final trophy was
given to another! Oh, watch and pray, because the first can become the last and the last can become
the first! Battles are inevitable but hear Ernest Agyemang Yeboah : When God keeps silence, be watchful
with diligence ; that is the moment when the world whispers the most alluring suggestions.

Our Daily Manna Devotional ODM February 26, 2018

PRAYER  –  WAH War Against Haman Booklet

Yes! Satan wants you to go to hell with him! He will lure you and cause you to lower your guard! He knows his time
is short but he does not want you to make it to the finals at the foursquare city (heaven)! He wants to
make a mockery of you in hell!
He knows how hot your prayers are hitting him now but he wants you to
miss the final trophy and AWARD CEREMONY before the great WHITE THRONE! Italy is missing the
Russia finals, but Satan wants you to miss the NEW JERUSALEM FINALS!


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