Daily Manna For 1 March 2024 Day 1 THE MAN THAT GOD USES OR THE GOD THAT MAN USES?

Daily Manna For 1 March 2024 Day 1


Happy New Month March
Happy New Month March


Welcome to today’s devotion. Strange things never stop happening in a strange world. The Washington Post carried this very strange news about a religious man in Euless, Texas who was often seen reading the Bible. The 41-year-old man was arrested on the 1st day of October, 2021 in connection with the death of three people whose dismembered bodies were found in a burning dumpster. This avid Bible-reading man was known to talk about God always, and he often expressed a desire to help people. However, his actions were in total variance with what he purportedly preached and advocated. After being arrested, he was charged with the killings of three people: a 42-year- old man and two other unnamed women. He also allegedly admitted to the killing of two other people in the past. According to the narrative of The Washington Post, the religious man invited the 42-year-old man to his hotel room around mid- September 2021. In the room, he felt that the 42-year-old man should be sacrificed. He then proceeded to cut his throat. He dismembered his body thereafter and placed the remains in a plastic storage bin. About two days after he did that, he decided that a female friend who also visited him in the hotel room also needed to be sacrificed. He proceeded to cut her throat and dismembered her body. After another 2 days, he set out again to kill another person. He killed another female visitor, and also dismembered her body. He transported the remains to a dumpster and set them on fire. During police interrogation, the religious man confessed to the killings and referred to them as sacrifices. Wow! Indeed, many people use the name of the LORD in vain! Imagine someone sacrificing people in the name of God. That is nothing else but satanism. Some other people misuse the name of God for financial gain/reward. In other words, they commercialize the gospel. Such people are using God or His name to do terrible things. Today’s scripture refers to them as people whose God is their belly. They are using God, rather than God using them.

In this year 2024, BE DIFFERENT! FOR PASTORS – SEE PAGE 87 for inspiration! FOR BUSINESSMEN/WOMEN- SEE PAGE 88!


PRAYER POINTS:Take Song 2: Blessed assurance…

  1. Father, in this year 2024, preserve me and my family from those who use Your name to do evil.
  2. O Lord, let the fire of true repentance and revival come upon Your church again. EXPOSE EVERY EVIL COMMERCIAL
    “PASTOR” this year!
  3. Heavenly Lord, open the eyes of Your people to discern between
    good and evil.
  4. I shall not be a victim of a FALSE GOSPEL in Jesus name

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