Daily Manna For Champions 18 May 2019 – NEW PHONES ARE COMING PLEASE CALL HOME!

Daily Manna For Champions 18 May 2019



Years ago, it would have been considered ‘madness’, because the word ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’ was not in any dictionary. Today, in a few seconds, you can reach the end of the globe! The current iPhone X line is very nice but expensive! The Samsung Galaxy family is still the mainstream Android phone brand to beat, and the new Galaxy S10 is a hit. But even though Samsung phones don’t burst into flames anymore, I still can’t blame you for wanting to look at other options.

War Against Haman 14 Day 12-13
Daily Manna For Champions 18 May 2019

Daily Manna For Champions 18 May 2019

In the near future, the following phones will be revealed: 1. Honor View 20. The Honor View 20 might be the best upcoming Android phone you’ll ever get to use because of a trade war – designed only for Europe and Asia! 2. Blackberry Key2 LE: Blackberry has crashed before. But they are planning a comeback through the Blackberry Key2 LE which has Snapdragon 636 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of initial storage, 13MP and 5MP cameras. 3. Nokia 9: Since | their freedom from Microsoft, Nokia is releasing Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 -I very similar to the Galaxy S8.4.

Nubia Red Magic Mars: It is still a wonder why the world needs a dedicated gaming phone like the upcoming Nubia Red Magic Mars – for games! But time will tell. Indeed, the world is bringing communication nearer to the doorstep of the average man. But the nagging question the Holy Ghost is asking you today is: “As Human Communication is improving with better phones and mobile picture technology, is your divine communication with home (heaven) improving? Daily Manna For Champions 18 May 2019 – NEW PHONES ARE COMING PLEASE CALL HOME!

Are you able to hear from heaven and get a picture (glimpse) of what heaven is doing or wants you to do? Where do you call when the clouds are dark and troubles strike? Do you call home (the Throne of Grace), friends or that rich brother with a fine car in your local church?” Jeremiah 29:12 boldly declares: “Then shall ye call upon Me and ye shall go and pray unto Me and I will hearken unto you.” Remember that when Daniel knew his enemies had ganged up against him and trouble was near, Vs. 10 of today’s scripture says, “…he kneeled upon his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before his God.”

Daily Manna For Champions 18 May 2019

He called home! Not the king who was his friend! And at the end, his enemies fell into everlasting disgrace! In this STORY to GLORY year, you must deal with laziness and prayer killers daily because THERE IS A MOBLIE PHONE within you (anywhere, anytime)! Try embarking on a dry fast like Esther if the problem is stubborn! If your phone lines to heaven have been disconnected, re-package the batteries today again; home is better than any of that mobile phone technology. Call home daily, early and often! Pray seriously NOW!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: Count your blessings…
1. I command all evil traps sent to disconnect me from home (heaven) to be paralyzed today in Jesus name (Pray it well). Daily Manna For Champions 18 May 2019 – NEW PHONES ARE COMING PLEASE CALL HOME!

  1. I receive grace to pray again! Holy Spirit, revive me again!
  2. Dear Lord, let me hear and see clearly concerning my destiny. Daily Manna For Champions 18 May 2019 – NEW PHONES ARE COMING PLEASE CALL HOME!
  3. Pray over today! Pray for your life, family and ministry as you are led now.

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