Daily Manna For Champions 7th June 2018 – THE POWER OF HABITS!

Daily Manna For Champions 7th June 2018


Basic Scriptures: Genesis 34: 1-10; Genesis 34: 20-31

There was a man who lived in pretoria, capital of South Africa for 12 years. Everyday he took the same route home from work. Then he moved to another suburb across town. One day after work, he set out for home. Only when he found himself in his old neighborhood, did he realized he has missed his way. He had driven through serious traffic and yet landed on his old neighborhood!

Daily Manna For Champions 7th June 2018

Daily Manna For Champions 7th June 2018

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By the power and forces of habits, he has gone to his former home. Funny but painful! No wonder the force of habits is called “The second nature,” an influence that affects our lives in powerful ways. As you encounter God through this page today, realize that habits could be liken to fire. A fire can be a source of light in the dark or can be use to heat up our food, but it can also be a serious enemy that destroys lives and properties.

Habits properly handed, can be of great benefit but they can also pull down a spiritual or an economic giant. Daniel formed the habit of praying three times a day and not even in the demonic decree could stop him (Dan. 6: 10,16,20). Job had a habit of living right – Job 1:1- “… that man was perfect upright …” This must have been a long, daily cultivated habit! Consider a bad habit in Genesis 34:1 “Dinah the daughter of Leah went out to see the daughter of the land.” Daughters of the bland where those who did not worship GOD (bad friends) and in the process, she was defiled by evil men.

Daily Manna For Champions 7th June 2018

Habits are destines! Hear John Dryden: “We first make out habits, and then our habits make us.” Then flow with Benjamin Franklin: “You net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from good ones.” Did you get that? Doing 21 or 100 days without dealing with the wrong secrets or public habits will lead you into a MINUS (subtraction/loss)! Reject it! Ah!

Wait a minute and peep with me into the glorious library of Saint Teresa of Avila: “Don’t let your sin turn into bad habits.” Timely and instructive! Oh! All your prayers must not end up in a MINUS, but a PLUS this year! Which had bad habits must you drop today or in this New Year 2018? Guard your good habit, lest an enemy defile your dreams and destiny like Dinah! Never forget Dinah! Pray now!
SECRETS OF LOCATING THE SOURCE OF YOU BATTLES! Daily Manna For Champions 7th June 2018

The Lagos anointing Service For June is At The OGUDU MOUNTAIN (NOT LEKKI) ON SATURDAY JUNE 23RD. Theme: “LOCATING THE SOURCE OF YOUR BATTLE” Make that date free! Daily Manna For Champions 7th June 2018

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PRAYER POINTS: Take song 2: Blessed assurance….
1. Lord, I surrender my entire life for Your cross-examination again today and daily in 2018.
2. Holy Ghost, uproot and bulldoze any habit that will lead me into a MINUS (REDUCTION) this year! (Repent from any habit e.g., not fasting, careless talk, anger, lies, alcoholism, and lots more). Daily Manna For Champions 7th June 2018

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