Daily Manna ODM 22 December 2018


Basic Scriptures: Isaiah 46: 4; Revelation 4: 5-11

Recent studies have shown that a moderate amount of exercise such as walking 20 kilometers per week may help prevent weight gain and can promote weight loss in non dieted individuals. An 8-month study involving 182 over weight men and women, from age 40-56 years, confirmed that there was a clear relationship between the amount of physical activity and amount of weight loss. Read here Daily Manna 21 December 2018 – “EXPECT A COUNTER ATTACK


Daily Manna ODM 22 December 2018

Daily Manna ODM 22 December 2018

The further study suggested that weight can be managed a moderate amount of exercise, such as walking for half an hour each day. The Holy Ghost emphasis again is on living long on planet earth for God to use us. Revelation 4: 11b says: “”…for thou has created all things and for thy pleasure they are and were created. Note the words: “They are”. They stand for present and living things. They “were” stands for the original purpose of God before you were born.

The summary of both is that God wants to get pleasure from your life while you are alive. God has no pleasure in the dead because He has more than enough dust to glorify Him. Does He need more dust to glorify Him? No! The ultimate death of a believer is a loss to the kingdom of God on planet earth. Do all you can to live for God! Adding unnecessary weight is killing yourself slowly. Eating any thing at any time is giving satan a rope to hang you. Postponing your visits to the gym or postponing your times of physical exercise , is an invitation of coffin sellers.

Daily Manna ODM 22 December 2018

Pray against death before your time! Just trekking about 20 kilometers a week can make you live a week longer on planet earth to terrorize the gates of hell. Satan knows that God cannot use a dead body and he will do all that he can to accelerate your death. Uproot agents of death – accidents, sickness, witches/wizards, armed robbers, assassinations, lack of enough physical exercise, etc.

His promise is: “And even to your old age, I am He and even to hoar hairs (gray hoar hairs) will I carry you…” – (Isaiah 46: 4). Yes, one day in old age and hoar hairs (gray hairs), we shall die if Jesus tarries, but please refuse to die before your time. Peace!

The 2019 ODM and “War Against Haman – 14” booklets are out! Give to FAMILY/FRIENDS this month as Christmas/New Year gift items! The “War Against Haman – 14” booklet contains the 2019 January 21-day fasting prayers! Your STORY to GLORY are hidden there! CHILDREN’S ODM and NEW ODM CARTOON are also available in your national bookshops! Daily Manna ODM 22 December 2018 – PARALYZE THE PRAYERS OF COFFIN SELLERS

PRAYER POINTS: Take a song of consecration to God. Our Daily Manna 2018 Hymns
1. Thank God for the Word and begin to uproot agents of death this month and in 2019. Ask for the grace to eat wisely. Cancel a satanic plan to make an ODM user disabled in 2019. Daily Manna ODM 22 December 2018 – PARALYZE THE PRAYERS OF COFFIN SELLERS


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Grace Phiri
Grace Phiri
5 years ago


James abimbola
James abimbola
5 years ago

Please how can I get d 21 days prayer plan and war against Haman In 2019.i am in uae

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