Daily Manna ODM Daily Testimonies From Bishop’s Desk- The Finger Of God: The God Of ODM Can Do It!

Daily Manna ODM Daily Testimonies From Bishop’s Desk

The Finger Of God: The God Of ODM Can Do It!

1. DELIVERED FROM ACUTE KIDNEY FAILURE AND FIBROID! Pastor Chris, I don’t know what to write because my hands are shaking; I don’t know where to start from or how to write this testimony. My name is Lara. I live in Houston, Texas. Please sir, I need to have this testimony published in your next ODM. Sir, please call me on +1832-338-9637. I want to have a one on one relationship with you because I believe that as there is God in Israel, so also is there God in ODM. Sir, I have been reading ODM for several years but I just read because I love the prayers. My mum introduced me to ODM in 2009 and I fell in love but was just reading it as an interesting prayer book but now I believe!!! Pastor Chris, God is with you.


Daily Manna ODM Daily Testimonies From Bishop's Desk

Daily Manna ODM Daily Testimonies From Bishop’s Desk

Please give me and my husband an appointment to come and see you in Nigeria. I will travel down. I had a baby boy on Jan 13th 2016 with a big fibroid in my womb which made the baby to be delivered at 37 weeks old and he was put in an incubator for about 2 weeks. I was discharged from the hospital on Jan 16, 2016 and suddenly on Jan 27th, I started bleeding so much that my husband took me to the emergency room of the hospital where I had my baby.

My husband did the 21- day fast diligently!!! On getting to the hospital, they told me that I had acute kidney failure to a level as high as 10 which would normally require hemodialysis. I rejected it and was admitted from that midnight of 28th of January. They started coming up with an evil diagnosis and I was so confused!!! Finally on January 29th, one pastor in Dallas (Pastor Kingsley) from whom I always order my ODM, sent me a text on how to connect to live streaming of the program without knowing that I was believing God to get that link because I had looked in the prayer book and it was not listed there.

I logged in from my hospital bed and lo and behold, Pastor Chris said we should point to the altar for divine healing and I was following instructions when the Spirit of God suddenly hit me on my hospital bed and I started screaming so hard subconsciously that I felt the hands of God. God healed my red blood cells that was low; the prognosis of the acute kidney went down from 10 to 4 and the doctors were waiting for it to drop to 0.8 which is the normal kidney function. The fibroid was removed from its root and fell into the toilet like I had a baby!!!

I took out the fibroid and took the pictures which I will e-mail to you sir, but they are still diagnosing hypertension which is high blood pressure; but I believe it is from the pit of hell. I thank God for my healing, I will sow the SRS in Jesus name and let you know when it’s done. Thank you God, thank you Jesus and thank you Pastor Chris. Please call me on +1832-338-9737.

Daily Manna ODM Daily Testimonies From Bishop’s Desk

2. SINGLED OUT FOR FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH! Good day, my father in the Lord, Bishop Dr. Chris. It is a real testimony.
I participated in July 14 – day fasting and prayer program from Benin, Edo State. I want to return all glory to God. I sowed an anti – delay seed and you sent me a mail with prayer points. I did the prayer for 15 days. I invested a little money. I was singled out for a financial breakthrough.

I have sent N10,000 to Manna Miracle account again. May almighty God continue to bless you. I love you and will continue to cherish you. Please withhold my name and e-mail address. The money almost got lost because it showed up on 15/08/2016 and I did not know till 12/09/2016. It was really the finger of God that singled me out. Thanks a lot. Daily Manna ODM Daily Testimonies From Bishop’s Desk

3. JEHOVAH EBENEZER: THE TEAR-WIPER! Praise Jehovah Ebenezer,The Tear Wiper! I have been a user of ODM sInce January 2012. The Lord has been kind to me and my family. In January 2016, I fasted, prayed and sowed my SRS seed. NOTE: When I sowed, I had only N5,000 home and abroad in all my accounts but I released N3,000. I was in Lagos from Uyo for the 2016 January anointing night. I had ten prayer requests. Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe will always say that one never knows which anointing night will carry our miracle. I received my anointing for: 1. Transfer back to Abuja which I had been turned down for almost two years.

(a). My wife got pregnant after three years of having our second child.(b). Our house project was abandoned for two years, but after 21 days of the 2016 January fast, work started again with great speed and is ongoing.(c). My adversaries are dumbfounded and are submitting to me. (d). The Lord is just blessing me left, right, centre, all around. All these within January to June. More testimonies are on the way. I bless Jehovah for using this great commission to bless our lives. Now I nullify any plan to stop this ODM Ministry. Amen and Amen. Yours in Christ. Mr Inemesit EtIm – inemakan@yahoo.com

4. HE WIPED MY TEARS AND GAVE ME A JOB! Dear Bishop Chris, I want to appreciate God for what He has done for me. During the 14 – day fasting programme on precisely the 9th day being 14th July 2015, Our Daily Manna topic was, ‘WHEN HE TAKES TIME’. A testimony was published of how a brother got a job after your prophecy at TBS and that provoked me because I was believing God for a job. After the brother’s testimony, you prophesied that there would be a manifestation of miracles of whatever we were believing God for within 28days.

I quietly wrote on the top of that day’s devotion ‘COUNTING DOWN’ and calculated 28 days from that date, which was 11th August 2014, and I wrote on top of it ‘LAST DAY FOR MANIFESTATION OF MY JOB.’ To the glory of God, on 18th July 2014, I was called for an interview and on 23rd July 2014, the organization called me that I was successful. As I am writing to you, I have resumed work. God is really working! Glory be to God and I have sent my tithe to Our Daily Manna account. From chinedu okeke nedu44lyfe@gmail.com. Daily Manna ODM Daily Testimonies From Bishop’s Desk

5. HE WIPED OUR TEARS: “MY DAUGHTER, REMOVE WHAT IS ON YOUR CHEST”! Dear Bishop Chris, praise the almighty God for delivering my child from the spirit of death during last year’s 14-day fasting program titled, “Lord, change my name.” My daughter was seriously sick during this period but I so much believed that my God, Jehovah-Overdo would heal her and it came to pass. Pastor, I thank God for obeying your instruction on the 15th of July, 2014 after praying with my ODM devotional booklet in which you asked us to sow copies to people and get ready for testimonies that will shock us.

Immediately, I used the last N200 (about 10 dollars) with me and purchased ODM devotional booklets and shared. At about 2am that same night, after our midnight prayers, my daughter dreamt and saw two men, one in suit and the other in pure white garment. They said to her, “My daughter, remove what is on your chest.’ She answered, “What is it?” Checking her chest, she saw a LIZARD and it came out of her, even as she woke up screaming. That scream woke everybody in the house as we all began to praise the Lord for her healing. Before this deliverance, all her dreams were death dreams but God has saved my child. Truly God is in this place! From rose4real1970@yahoo.com

6. JEHOVAH EBENEZER BLESSED ME WITH TWIN BOYS Share a great, prophetic visitation which took place at one of the Manna Mountain JULY Anointing services. Thank you Jesus: “Praise the Lord! I am here to fulfil my vow. I got married in 2007 and in 2008, I had my baby boy but two days later, I lost the baby. So I kept praying, writing prayer points, and telling God that if He wanted to bless me with a baby boy, it should be twins.

Daily Manna ODM Daily Testimonies From Bishop’s Desk

In July 2014, I came for the last day anointing service of the WORLDWIDE 14-day fast which was one of my prayer points. Lo and behold, as Daddy was praying and going from canopy to canopy, he came to my canopy, left and came back again, pointed and said, “I see four twins here.” I claimed it! The Holy Spirit was all over me that day. I couldn’t pray again. I was just saying “Thank you Jesus” and that same month, I missed my period and these (Twin Boys) are the outcome of it.”

7. THE POWER OF GOD SHOWS IN THE 12 PROPHETIC MANTLES FROM JANUARY 2016 One brother Michael gave a great shocking testimony at the Manna Mountain late last year before we went to press and I was led to use it in today’s devotional: “I was at my work place one day when I had an attack and saw myself dying. My heart and liver were gone and I was in deep pain.

I was crying and asking God what was happening to me. When I got back home, I called my family and told them that I was dying and I didn’t know what was happening to my heart, liver and kidney. I looked around but couldn’t do anything. I then remembered that I had some weapons (The 12 prophetic Mantles from January). I brought them out together with the anointing oil and asked my wife to rub them on my body. Daily Manna ODM Daily Testimonies From Bishop’s Desk

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After that, I laid on the bed and placed one of the mantles on my head, heart and leg. I began to ask God for mercy and a song entered my heart which I sang until I slept off. This was around 1am.I woke up alive and I noticed that everything was gone till date! Till today those mantles are still my weapons. Anytime my children are sick, I place it on them and they are healed. Glory be to God!”



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