Daily Manna September 2022 Prayers WAR AGAINST DESTINY EXCHANGERS

Daily Manna September 2022 Prayers WAR AGAINST DESTINY EXCHANGERS

  1. Matthew 7:7-8; O LORD, my destiny is too expensive to be exchanged;
    banish them from my path and life now in Jesus name.
  2. Job 22:28; I decree and declare that every plot to exchange my destiny
    backfires now by fire in Jesus name.
  3. Genesis 31:7; O LORD, You that frustrated Laban’s moves against
    Jacob, disrupt and frustrate every move of destiny exchangers against
    my life by fire.

  4. Micah 7:6; My Father, any evil exchange transaction going on right
    now on my behalf is cancelled now, now, now by fire and thunder.

  5. Psalm 68:1; My Father! My Father!! Arise and scatter by fire the evil
    network of destiny exchangers scheming to exchange my destiny now
    in Jesus name.
  6. Micah 7:6-10; You evil exchangers monitoring my life, family and
    ministry to exchange it with pain, sorrow and misery, die, die, die and
    die now in Jesus name.
  7. Joel 2:25; Restore to me O Lord my glorious destiny and all that
    destiny exchangers took from me in Jesus name.

Daily Manna September 2022 Prayers WAR AGAINST DESTINY EXCHANGERS


  1. Psalm 150:2; Father, thank you for the success of my last exams and
    thank you for another examination season.
  2. Daniel 9:2; LORD, as I begin to read and prepare for my exams, grant
    me understanding and retentive memory.
  3. Matthew 7:7; LORD, deliver me from laziness, side attractions and
    forgetfulness in Jesus name.
  4. John 14:26; You powers that cause me to forget what I have read,
    known and understood in the examination hall, you are my enemy;
    loose me, wither and perish now by fire.
  5. Vs.26; Holy Ghost, strengthen my recall power; help me to remember
    all I have learnt and read in this examination.
  6. Psalm 102:13; O LORD, favour and make me to excel in this examination.
    My scripts or marks shall not be transferred to another candidate and
    I shall come out with distinctions in Jesus name.

Daily Manna August 2022 Prayers WAR AGAINST DESTINY EXCHANGERS


  1. Psalm 34:1; Blessed be Your name Lord, for the privilege to be where I
    am today.
  2. Psalm 24:1; This land belongs to You O Lord and by extension it
    belongs to me. Bless, favour and manifest Your glory in my life in this
    foreign land in Jesus name.
  3. Joshua 1:3; LORD, I claim and possess this land (mention the name)
    by fire; O land, you must do good to me in Jesus name.
  4. Vs. 3; O dream killers that frustrate the dreams of men in foreign lands,
    my address shall fight you; I break and paralyze your activities now by
  5. Genesis 26:12; O LORD, let Your power of increase and multiplication
    locate the work of my hands in this foreign land in Jesus name.
  6. Job 22:28; You forces of stagnation and retardation that hunt, confuse,
    limit and cage foreigners in this land, you shall not prevail over me;
    receive the judgment of fire and destruction now.
  7. Vs. 29; LORD Jesus, as I step out daily, Your aura of acceptance shall
    work in my favour in this nation. When others are being cast down,
    there shall be a lifting up for me daily in the name of Jesus Christ of

Daily Manna September 2022 Prayers WAR AGAINST DESTINY EXCHANGERS


  1. Psalm 20:1-2; O GOD, arise and defend me; send me help and rescue
    me from these difficulties confronting me in this foreign land.
  2. Psalm 124:1-2; My Father, O God, arise and contend with the
    wickedness of men contending with me in this land.
  3. Eph.6:12; You territorial forces crippling my efforts and inflicting pain
    on me in this foreign land, perish by fire now.

Daily Manna September 2022 Prayers WAR AGAINST DESTINY EXCHANGERS

  1. Isaiah 8:9; O LORD, let every evil association, conspiracy, trap and
    accusation meant to bring me down, cease, break and scatter to pieces
    now in the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. Every satanic agenda to deport and throw me out by all means without
    a cause, cease and catch fire now in Jesus name.
  3. Rev. 12:11; By the Blood of Jesus, I overcome and boldly take dominion
    over those that want me down, grounded and dead in Jesus name.


(JOHN 5:17)
357. Exodus 4:12; O LORD, as I go for this interview, put the right answer
to every question in my mouth in Jesus name.
358. Luke 12:12; Holy Ghost, take away from me confusion of thought and
order my lips accordingly in this interview.
359. Isaiah 60:1; This is my glory season; O Lord, envelop me with Your
glory of acceptance and favour for this job in Jesus name.
360. Esther 2:15; O LORD, let the Esther order of favour overtake me in this
interview today by fire.
361. Matthew 7:7; Every obstacle, barrier, hindrance and manipulation
occasioned by the devil to my securing this job, be removed and
destroyed now.
362. Vs. 8; Now in the name of Jesus, I receive this job by faith and I give
You all the glory.

Daily Manna September 2022 Prayers WAR AGAINST DESTINY EXCHANGERS


  1. Psalm 30:1; LORD, I thank You for Your blessings upon this business.
  2. 2 Kings 6:1-2; God of expansion, let my business receive expansion
    this year by fire.
  3. Exodus 23:25; LORD, as I serve You through this business this year,
    bless and enlarge the coast of this business by fire.
  4. Proverbs 22:29; O LORD, advertise me and my business before great
    men and make it a household name in Jesus name.
  5. Job 22:28; I decree that my business is unlimited, unstoppable and
    untouchable in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  6. 2 Kings 6:1-2; O GOD, cause the axe head of my business to float
    again this season by fire.

Daily Manna September 2022 Prayers WAR AGAINST DESTINY EXCHANGERS


(PSALM 35:1-6; ISAIAH 54:14)
369. Psalm 145:1; LORD, I bless You for the privilege of having a place of
370. Psalm 35:4; O Lord, let them be confounded and put to shame that seek
after my soul and position at my workplace in Jesus name.
371. John 14:13; By the power of the Holy Ghost, I demand and take hold
of my portion, position and possessions in the name of Jesus.
372. Psalm 146:7; My Father! My Father!! Arise and execute judgment
against those who oppress me in my place of work now by fire.
373. Psalm 140:5; My Father, let the snare and evil net spread against my
promotion in my office by my adversaries and haters, catch fire and
break now in Jesus name.
374. John 14:13; O LORD, visit every gang-up and conspiracy against me
in my office with confusion and disaster this season in Jesus name.
375. Job 22:28; I take my promotion, favour, increase and advancement in
my office by fire; my place no one can take in Jesus name


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