Daily Manna Today 23 November 2018 – THE STONE THAT COULDN’T HOLD HIM

Daily Manna Today 23 November 2018


Basic Scripture: Matthew 28: 1-15

Consider the meditation/narrative below and arise in valour: “Two thousand years ago, our Lord was crucified. They nailed Him to the cross and for mankind He died. They laid Him in a tomb with a huge stone at the entrance. They remembered every word He said as He walked along the seashore – in three days, He will rise again from the grave in which He lay. They didn’t think anyone else could roll that stone away.

Daily Manna Today 23 November 2018

Daily Manna Today 23 November 2018

On the morning of the third day, as the sun rose in the east, an angel appeared and rolled the stone away without a struggle. The angel spoke to the women who had come to see where Jesus was laid. He told them Jesus had risen and they hurried away. The keepers were all paralyzed with fear, for when they looked inside the tomb, they saw that it was empty. The stone that they thought would hinder Him had not stood in His way.

Jesus Christ had risen from the tomb and the rulers panicked because the stone could not hold Him.” As 2018 ends, God is sending me to release the following prophetic declaration upon your life, family and ministry:
1. No matter how this year has been, the same angel that rolled the stone away from the tomb of Jesus will fight for you daily from this day in Jesus name.

2. No, “STONE” by whatever name shall be able to hinder or successfully block your rising to destiny in Jesus name.
3. You adversaries and enemies shall end up in chaos, shame and bitter confusion from this day in Jesus name.

Daily Manna Today 23 November 2018

4. Before the last day of this year, God will turn the celebration of your contenders/adversaries to weeping in Jesus name.
5. Lift up your hands and begin to worship God for the power of His resurrection. As you worship the Lord, that same power will begin to move all over you right now. Sickness will be healed and yokes will be disgraced now, in Jesus name. Give out the 2019 ODM as A CHRISTMAS/NEW year gift!

Tomorrow is the November Lagos (Ogudu) anointing service. THAT RED SEA WILL BOW to your God! Expect an Eleventh-Hour testimony concerning this year. Time is 8.00am.Daily Manna Today 23 November 2018 – THE STONE THAT COULDN’T HOLD HIM

Give out 2019 Our Daily Manna (ODM) as Christmas/New Year gift items!

PRAYER POINTS: Take your most loved song to God now.
1. Use the Prophetic Declarations above to pray as led. Pray about your life and ministry today.
2. Lord, thank You because Your GRACE has made me UNSTOPPABLE in Jesus name.

3. Lay your hands on page 55 of the booklet, “War Against Haman – 13” and pray the Miracle Prayer now.
4. Resurrection power is working all over you now! Pray about today now! Daily Manna Today 23 November 2018 – THE STONE THAT COULDN’T HOLD HIM


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Grace Phiri
Grace Phiri
5 years ago

I recieve blessings and deliverance in JESUS’S CHRIST’S mighty name! !!!

5 years ago

I receive Gods blessing and believe that whatever happens for a good reason and I will not quite in the name of jesus. amen

Elias Chanda
Elias Chanda
5 years ago

By the power of resurrection I posses all what the devil have stolen in Jesus name Amen

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