Daily Manna Today 4 January 2019- SHE HELD ON! YOU ARE NEXT!

Daily Manna Today 4 January 2019


Basic Scriptures: Job 13: 15; Job 14: 1-15

I heard recently about a gospel artist whom we planned to bring to the annual WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT – Sister Tope Alabi! She is a living example of STORY TO GLORY grace! Hear her: “I am still in awe of how the song ‘Logan To Ode’ went viral within a short time; some of my songs have gone viral like this before but this is exceptional. When I started gospel music, I didn’t expect to be this famous; I am even afraid because the fame and fans are overwhelming.”

Daily Manna Today 4 January 2019
new our daily manna 2019

Daily Manna Today 4 January 2019

This is her sweet GLORY phase: Now hear her talk about her bitter STORY phase: “What if I had been discouraged when my music was not paying my bills? I used to struggle to pay my children’s school fees. I once hired a bus for my band members and had to pay by installments.” She recalled how some marketers she had taken copies of her first album to, asked her to come and take them away as no one was buying them: “When I gave the compact disc to some marketers, they asked me to come and take them back because people were not buying them. I was very discouraged and even made up my mind not to sing again!

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I told God there was no way I would do music as there were other things I could do that would fetch money for me. Daily Manna Today 4 January 2019- SHE HELD ON! YOU ARE NEXT!

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Four years after, I did another album and people still did not buy it. It wasn’t until I added another song that people started buying the album.” Oh, the fruit of persistence! She wanted to quit, but refused to! Yes! Those who saw the first copies of this ODM devotional about 20 years ago, told me that it would never be accepted! But today, there is a worldwide GLORY! Ah! There is always a STORY behind every GLORY! That is why you must NEVER give up! Sometimes it is the last key in the bunch that opens the lock! Obstacles are put on your way to see if what you want is dear to you!

Daily Manna Today 4 January 2019

Don’t forget Lady Aberdeen: “The difference between the DIFFICULT and the IMPOSSIBLE is that the IMPOSSIBLE takes a little longer time.” Hal Borland penned: “Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patients.” Yes, like Job, you must determine to hold on TILL YOUR CHANGE COMES (Vs. 14 of our 2nd scripture)! Between your STORY PHASE and your GLORY PHASE, there is sometimes pain, ridicule, rejection and misery! But if you don’t quit, then you will be celebrated as a miracle by those who passed you through ridicule! Hold on and hold out!

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Remember tomorrow is the beginning of the 21-day fasting programme! (Don’t forget to give out THIS BOOKLET and “WAH-14” copies to help others join in the fasting programmme)! Daily Manna Today 4 January 2019- SHE HELD ON! YOU ARE NEXT!

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 4: My hope is built…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.

2. Lord God, move me from STORY to GLORY!
3. I UPROOT discouragement and depression NOW!


4. I release myself from any inherited bondage that is slowing down my GLORY SEASON in my life, family and ministry in Jesus name. Daily Manna Today 4 January 2019- SHE HELD ON! YOU ARE NEXT!


  1. Please I really need two copies of the War against Haman and Our Daily Prayer 2019 . I don’t have money to buy please someone help me. God bless you abundantly.

  2. I feel. Blessed by reading the daily manner everyday even the pai n am going through lightens


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  4. Surely there is always reward for holding onto prayer points
    Satan nearly rubbish my marriage but I held on because I was fully convicted. The wedding date was postponed thrice but surely at eleventh hour 29th DECEMBER, 2018 the marriage came on. Glory be to God almighty. Thanks to ODM

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