Daily Manna Today September 3 2018 – CREATE YOUR OWN DESERT: THE WINNING FORMULA!

Daily Manna Today September 3 2018


BASIC:  SCRIPTURE: Esther 1:1-8

Yesterday’s devotion contained this question and ending: “Why is there so much preaching and so little power in our days? Is it not because the preachers associate themselves too much with the world, keep too long in the crowd, and are so seldom in private fellowship with God?” Oh, determine to create your own wilderness even if you live in a palace! Don’t miss Our Daily Manna 2nd September 2018 – Click here

Daily Manna Today September 3 2018

Daily Manna Today September 3 2018

Be reminded of ESTHER who lived in the most beautiful palace at that time – where you will call the “AMERICAN WHITE HOUSE” of her generation! It was in Shushan, the palace capital of the kingdom of Persia and Media!The kingdom was so great and rich that her husband, king Ahasuerus, whose reign extended to India, even unto Ethiopia, once displayed the riches of his kingdom and the honour of his excellent majesty for 180 days. Wow!

In that palace, they used only vessels of gold and royal wine was in abundance, yet QUEEN ESTHER declared a 3-day fast in order to make sure that DESTINY was not rubbished by satanic arrows! SHE CREATED HER 15-17)! O Lord, take us to that same place of passion for uncommon prayers and devotion! Just as the LORD WITHDREW REGULARLY FROM THE CROWD AND PLEASURE, YOU MUST DO THE SAME! If you don’t withdraw BY FORCE, they will withdraw your glory by force (a ridiculous situation in which everything goes wrong and ends up in shame)!

Daily Manna Today September 3 2018

Use today to regain your lost PRAYER OR DEVOTIONAL FLAME! There are times and seasons when a Christian would not be willing that his dearest relatives upon earth should hear that conversation which passes between him and his God. ALONE WITH GOD IS THE ANSWER (Matthew 14: 23)! Jesus withdrew Himself into the deserts and prayed! The more the crowd came as a result of the leper’s story, the more Jesus turned away from them to desert regions and prayed to the Father! Oh! You are next to create that desert place!

THE U.S.A. TELEPHONE ANOINTING SERVICE WITH DR. CHRIS IS SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2018. TEL NO: +1-712-432- 0075 and Access code is 374042. Time is 6.00 a.m. Central Time. Anybody from any nation can phone in! Get your anointing oil ready! Daily Manna Today September 3 2018

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship.
1. God of Esther, I receive grace to WITHDRAW from TV, social media platforms, useless visitations, unprofitable books or magazines, phones, etc, in Jesus name.

2. By the grace of God, I shall CREATE my own DESERT in Jesus name.
3. Holy Ghost, let it not be said of me that my name is now ICHABOD! Let it not be written about me that I am now a ‘ONCE-UPON-A-TIME’ MAN or WOMAN! Daily Manna Today September 3 2018

4. Pray about today seriously as led now. See pages 7-9. Daily Manna Today August 3 2018 – TOPIC: CREATE YOUR OWN DESERT: THE WINNING FORMULA! Daily Manna Today September 3 2018


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Grace Phiri
Grace Phiri
5 years ago

Amen and Amen! !!@

Hyelhirra Markus
Hyelhirra Markus
5 years ago

Gud day ODM crew,plz what’s today’s date? I can only find ODM for 3 August instead of 3 September.Is it a typing error? Plz I want clarification.

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