How Can I Contribute Greatly To The Society?

How Can I Contribute Greatly To The Society?

The quality of your life is not measured by your physical or material possessions, neither by your educational acquisition, but by the value you add to people’s lives and by your contribution to their welfare, wellbeing and development of others around you.

Little wonder Mahatma Gandhi opined: “The best way to find yourself lose yourself in the service of others.” It is In the fulfillment of others that you are truly fulfilled yourself!

Oh! God make you a BURDEN BEARER for your generation! He was sad not because he wasn’t paid his salary, not because he was hungry, not because he was suspended or dismissed from Office, not because of anything personal, but because of what the people of God – his country were going through.


It was the passion of Nehemiah that produced his sadness and it was his sadness that produced the solution. Until you are SAD-ANGRY, VEXED, FED-UP and PROVOKED into taking action to solve that problem, you are not ready for solution! Be the Nehemiah of your generation!

lf you are in power or in a position of authority, be a problem solver and a servant leader like Nehemiah. How Can I Contribute Greatly To The Society? Pray now! READ LATEST ODM UPDATES CLICK HERE

Prayer Bullets:


Lord, make me the Nehemiah of my generation. Make me a burden bearer for others!
3. Raise BURDEN BEARERS for my destiny even as you BUILD MY WALLS (Pray it seriously till you have peace to stop).
4. Lord, make me the Nehemiah of my generation! Make me the bridge that connects others to their destinies! As I await my greater breakthroughs, use me to help others’ breakthroughs!

5. The walls of Jerusalem were broken: O Lord, my defence shall not be broken as 2021 ends. You defence attackers; run mad now in Jesus name. How Can I Contribute Greatly To The Society?

  1. I receive grace to build back my broken spiritual, marital, business and economic walls etc now in Jesus name.
  2. Pray for the leaders or your country today. Lord, give them the Nehemiah spirit.

  3. Pray about today seriously now as led. How Can I Contribute Greatly To The Society?

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