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June 7th 2018: Prayer for Muslims During Ramadan

Prayer for Muslims During Ramadan

June 7th: Ramadan, Professions, And Professionals

????Muslims aspire to dominate everywhere, and every profession. By so doing, they take their influence into the marketplace.

????The marketplace is where most people spend their lives. And making no separation between secular and spiritual, Muslim professionals strive to make their imparts in the marketplace as ‘marketplace missionaries.’

????In every profession where Muslims exist, they boldly assert their Islamic beliefs and practices without apology to anyone. A Muslim manager in a bank creates a spot to do his Islamic prayers in a corner of his office, and will put every business on hold at that moment. His clients are expected to recognise this, and are to wait until he’s done.

prayer for muslims during ramadan

Among the northerners in the South are professionals in their different practices in the medical, banking, Insurance, legal, and other professions. They are as equally committed to the spread of Islam in the neighborhood of the church in the South as the Dawah workers.

????As Muslim ‘missionaries in the marketplace’, they employ diverse skills and schemes to make converts for Islam, extend the frontiers of Islam into territories yet to be conquered by Islam.
????As the Ramadan heads to a climax and a close, northern Muslim professionals in the marketplace is another ‘people group’ of northerners in diaspora that need to be focused on in prayers and creative evangelism.

Special Prayer Points  for Muslims During Ramadan

????Thank God that coming to the South begins the journey into salvation for many of them as they are more likely to come in contact with the gospel here than in their home states.

????Pray that many of them will encounter Christ in visions and dreams in the remaining days of the Ramadan.

????Pray for an awakening among Christian professionals in the marketplace place to see their Muslim professional colleagues as people to be won to Christ.

????The need to envision and equip Christian professionals with skills of evangelizing Muslims in the marketplace is stronger now than before. Pray for open doors for this mobilisation among Christian professionals. Ask the Lord to raise a new and focused generation of Christian marketplace missionaries who will extend the kingdom of God among. Muslims through different platforms.

May the Lord raise men who will occupy and make gains for Him in the marketplace. Amen!
Thanks for praying

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Bless you for joining the prayer chain ( Prayer for Muslims During Ramadan ) The Lord will answer you whenever you call on him in Jesus Name
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