Manna Devotional 23 May 2022 – EVEN CELEBRITIES HAVE “BUTS” (Fast 6am-3pm today)

Manna Devotional 23 May 2022

EVEN CELEBRITIES HAVE “BUTS” (Fast 6am-3pm today)

Daily Manna ODM 14 May 2022
Daily Manna ODM 14 May 2022

BASIC SCRIPTURES Daily Manna Devotional 23 May 2022

Cory Monteith, the singer and actor, 31, was beloved as Finn Hudson on the film, ‘GLEE.’ But he was not without his “demons,” as he checked into a rehab facility to treat his addiction issues.

He died of an overdose a few months later and was discovered in a Vancouver hotel room on July 13, 2013. His death devastated fans and the TV community. His ‘GLEE’ character was “killed off” the screen after his death.

Ah! What the Holy Ghost is saying to a USER OF TODAY’S DEVOTIONAL is that behind the glamour and the popularity of celebrations, success, testimonies, breakthroughs, etc, there are dark shadows. Yes! That is why you must WATCH AND PRAY!

Satan will always mount a COUNTER ATTACK just after a breakthrough! That was the story of the LORD JESUS just after His 40-day prayer and fasting power season! Sanballat and Tobiah showed up to resist Nehemiah when the wall of Jerusalem was being completed!

The Shunammite woman lost her only child after waiting for years for that testimony – FRUIT OF THE WOMB! Pharaoh pursued after the Jews just after they left Egypt! Sometimes, after greatness comes the grinding – HOW TO MANAGE GREATNESS! Use today’s devotional to also determine NEVER to envy those ahead of you!

Do you know that the bigger the head, the bigger the headache? Do you know that success is a killer of millions? Successful people have their “BUTS.” Behind the beauty shows and plastic smiles of “VIPS,” there are loads of secret trauma and tragedy: LOADS OF “BUTS.”

Recently, it has been shocking to hear that popular stars and celebrities and even success stories in science or business are COMMITTING SUICIDE WORLDWIDE! ENVY NOBODY!

From today’s first scripture, a ruler of the synagogue, a celebrity in his generation, ran to Jesus because of his only daughter (Luke 8:41-42). That was his secret battle – HIS ‘BUT.’ Don’t forget General Naaman – a high ranking military officer, who was battling with leprosy!

That was the “BUT” in his life (2 Kings 5:1). In this second quarter of 2022, reach out to CELEBRITIES, your bosses, etc, with copies of this ODM edition, LIKE THE LITTLE MAID did to Naaman (2 Kings 5:2)! Be a solution no matter your social status!

Manna Devotional 23 May 2022 – EVEN CELEBRITIES HAVE “BUTS” (Fast 6am-3pm today)

ENVY NOBODY! Log into tonight’s prayers.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: When the roll is called…

SWEET ODM Hymns 2nd Quarter (April-June) 2022 – Click Here

  1. My Father, let me be celebrated where I am rejected.

Manna Devotional 23 May 2022 – EVEN CELEBRITIES HAVE “BUTS” (Fast 6am-3pm today)

  1. I shall not be a victim of breakthroughs in Jesus name.
  2. No DIVINE SURPRISE testimony will turn me into shame.
  3. Lord, shake away every ‘BUT’ from my destiny in Jesus name. Holy Ghost, REFIRE ME after each testimony! Pray in Tongues now.
  4. Pray about today as led now.


Manna Devotional 23 May 2022 – EVEN CELEBRITIES HAVE “BUTS” (Fast 6am-3pm today)

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