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Daily Manna Online Devotional 23 May 2023 – YOUR SEASON OF REMEMBRANCE HAS COME -1

Manna Online Devotional 23 May 2023


Daily Manna ODM
Daily Manna ODM


Welcome to this hour of mercy with the God of remembrance! Share with me the testimonies which I just remembered: “Dear Dr Chris,joinmeto thank God for His exceeding mercies upon my family.

My dad was dismissed (sacked)from work with some of his colleagues because of the wrong decision taken by the chairman of their union in the company. This happened a while ago! The devotional message on that day was ‘World Restoration Day’ and you prophesied that 5 jobs would be restored.

I trusted God that my dad will be one of them and indeed God proved Himself faithful! My dad was among the few the company called back. Manna Online Devotional 23 May 2023 – YOUR SEASON OF REMEMBRANCE HAS COME -1

May the Lord God be forever glorified and may He continue to bless you for your good work and the ODM vision. From a brother (Please do not disclose my e-mail address).” Share another mail: “Good day pastor, my name is Sis Christie, I have been using your powerful booklet ODM for over 8 years.

I can’t count the testimonies that have happened since then, but one of them is getting married to a British man after so many tears and disappointments. I am now expecting our first baby and this was one of my prayerpointsduringtheJanuary21-dayprayerandfastingprogramof that year!”

Yet another mail: “Dear sir, my sister was hospitalized at LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) for many months due to pregnancy issues and ill health. Her chances of making it was very slim. I cried to God with the ODM sister booklet: “WAR AGAINST HAMAN” and called you on phone and you agreed with me that she will make it. She had a successful delivery and today,she hasabouncingbabyboy.PraisetheLORD!(SisKELECHI).”

AsI shout “HALLELUYAH” to all the testimonies, I prophesy that just as God rememberedNoah,Hewillremember youandallthatisyoursandcauseawind to pass over your land in this season! Cry out to the LORD and tell Him: “LORD, REMEMBER ME!” (Bless souls with ODM copies). TODAY IS DAY 3 Of THE MONTHLY ONLINE 7-DAY

PRAYERS which ends with the anointing service on Sunday! Theme: “I Refuse To Suffer Loss!” (Log-in with your oil, prayer points and any point of contact!) Connect via FACEBOOK: ourdailymannaworldwide; YOUTUBE: Manna TV International. Time: 8pmNigeriaTime.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: Higher ground…

  1. In your own words, pray over today’s scripture verses.
  2. Father God, remember my life, family and ministry in Jesus name.
  3. O Lord, make this my season of remembrance in Jesus name.

Manna Online Devotional 23 May 2023 – YOUR SEASON OF REMEMBRANCE HAS COME -1

  1. Thou God of Our Daily Manna, Thou God of Noah, remember me for good in Jesus name.
  2. Jehovah the ALMIGHTY, remember my children (mention their names).
  3. Pray for all the souls whose testimonies were published and claim yours in
    Jesus name. Pray about today generally as led.

Manna Online Devotional 23 May 2023 – YOUR SEASON OF REMEMBRANCE HAS COME -1
Daily Manna 2023 is a devotional booklet that provides daily readings and reflections from the Bible. It is a daily devotional that promotes the study and application of the Bible in 2023 and in everyday life. Each day's devotional includes a verse or passage from the Bible, a reflection or message based on that verse, and a prayer. The devotional is designed to help readers draw closer to God and grow in their faith through daily reflection and prayer. It is typically distributed in print form, but is also available online on


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