(A) MORNING DEVOTION PRAYERS (PSALM 88: 13; PSALM 5:1-3) “I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me” (PSALM 57:2). What I’ve discovered is “I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me” (PSALM 57:2). What I’ve discovered is, that intimate connection and communication with your God will always get you through because your support, help and performance is just a prayer away! Yes, Your Performance Story THIS YEAR, is anchored on your daily commitment on the altar of prayer!” – Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe. Pray Now

  1. Psalm 105:1; O Lord, I thank you for Your magnificent works in my life,
    family and ministry.
  2. Psalm 121:1; I lift up my eyes to worship You LORD, because You’ve
    been my helper.
  3. Vs 2; O Lord, I praise You because heaven and earth are the works of
    Your hands, and so is THIS YEAR.
  4. Phil. 1:6; O LORD, You have begun a good work by making me a
    partaker of this year; give me a safe landing at the end in Jesus name.
  5. Vs 6; Father, here I am; perform and perfect all that concerns me this year
    in Jesus name.
  6. Psalm 57:2; Abba Father, hear me as I call on You today; perform my
    petitions in Jesus name.
  7. Vs 2; Jehovah Overdo, perform ALL THINGS for me This Quarter/This
    Year; nothing shall be impossible in Jesus name.
  8. Psalm 56:1; LORD, bless me with Your mercy and goodness as I go out
    today in Jesus name.
  9. Psalm 68:19; I magnify You LORD for the good things and loads of
    benefits You have kept in store for me and my household this year.
  10. O God, arise and cut off the power and dominion of sin from my life
    today/daily this year in Jesus name.
  11. Job 5:12; O God, arise and disappoint every stubborn enemy assigned to
    work against my life today by fire.
  12. Vs 12; Lord, they shall not PERFORM their wicked agenda in my life
    and ministry today; silence them now in Jesus name.
  13. Psalm 56:1; O LORD, this day, stretch forth Your mighty hand against
    any adversary of my performance story this quarter/this year.
  14. Vs 1; You evil clutches of darkness planning to perform sorrow in my
    household/family this quarter, be eroded now in Jesus name.
  15. Vs 5; My Father! My Father!! Let the memories of my enemies fail
    them today and daily in this quarter. Lord, let them forget me in Jesus name. 16. Vs 6; LORD, by Your thunder and lightning, blind the eyes of every
    hater that will monitor and mark my steps today/daily in this quarter in
    Jesus name

  16. Psalm 91:5; Evil arrows of sickness, diseases, misfortune, disaster and
    bad news, you cannot perform against my life, family and ministry; back
    fire now in Jesus name.

  17. Vs 5; Evil arrows of untimely death, I am not your candidate; reverse
    now by fire in Jesus name.
  18. Isaiah 49:25; Whatever has been programmed to contend with my
    performance testimony this quarter, enough is enough; be arrested and
    paralyzed in Jesus name.
  19. Vs 25; My Father! My Father!! My Father!!! Contend with the workers
    of iniquity and wickedness working against my expectations THIS YEAR
    now in Jesus name.
  20. Vs 25; O God, salvation belongs to You; save me and my household from
    the clutches of captivity today in Jesus name.
  21. Job 38:12; O you morning, hear the word of the Lord: This is my year,
    release my glory, honour, favour and blessings today in Jesus name.
  22. Vs 12; O God, there shall be no carryover of whatever was supposed to
    locate me today in Jesus name.
  23. Isaiah 45:3; There shall be performance! O God, let the four winds of the earth,
    blow the hidden treasures of darkness in my direction today by fire.
  24. Vs. 3; I command my wealth and riches caged, hidden and stored in
    secret places, to come forth now by fire in Jesus name.
  25. Matthew 11:12; O LORD, I take my spiritual life this quarter by force.
    Any plan designed to make me weak, scatters by fire now in Jesus name.
  26. Vs 12; I take back my health, family, finances, job and business etc, that
    has been taken from me now by fire by force in Jesus name.
  27. Luke 1:45; O light of God, shine upon my way today and open every
    closed door for me in Jesus name.
  28. Vs 45; I reject fear now concerning any unanswered prayer. There shall
    be performance this quarter in Jesus name.
  29. Isaiah 60:1; Abba Father! Baptize me with Your manifest glory as I step
    out this day in Jesus name.
  30. Matthew 15:13; My Father! My Father! My life, family and ministry,
    shall not be a dumping ground for satanic baggages THIS QUARTER in
    Jesus name.
  31. 1 Timothy 2:1-2; Pray for me Dr. Chris and my family and for our
    helpers in life and ministry today!
  32. Job 22:28; Pray now and nullify any plan to derail this ODM vision
    through marine witchcraft agents, court cases, evil bloggers or scammers.
  33. Ephesians 6:8; Pray in Tongues concerning today as led now!
  34. Psalm 103:1-5; Bless the Lord with your best songs now and give Him
    glory for answered prayers and for your performance story today.

  35. Now turn to today’s date and go through today’s devotional scripture and write-up and do the prayers seriously including any other instruction(s). Pray the afternoon and evening prayers later!


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