Morning Short Prayers For Daily Testimonies

Morning Short Prayers For Daily Testimonies

  1. Thank the Lord for this second quarter of 2022, and for your divine surprise testimonies that lies ahead.

  2. Take a song of praise to your God now. Praises provoke your divine surprise expectations. Morning Short Prayers For Daily Testimonies

  3. Oh Lord, surprise me like You did to Obededom this quarter in Jesus name.

  4. This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it because my divine suprise blessings are not negotiable.

  5. Oh Lord, in this second quarter open for me a divine surprise door that no power can close in Jesus name. Morning Short Prayers For Daily Testimonies

  6. My Father, my Father, as I fellowship with You daily this quarter, my life, family and ministry will not see corruption in Jesus name

  7. Any gang-up against my health, career, and business today/ this quarter, scatter by fire in Jesus name.

  8. Robbers of my joy and peace today/ this quarter, what are you waiting for? Dry up by fire in Jesus name.

  9. Job 38:12; Mention the date of today and command the elements of the day and night to work in your favour in Jesus name.

  10. Whether the devil likes it or not, today/ this quarter shall not be manipulated against my life and ministry.

  11. Job 22:28; I degree and declare: My own is my own, my divine surprise is my divine surprise, my open door is my open door today/ this quarter.

  12. Psalm 2:8; Every of my wealth and riches hidden and stored in secret places, come forth today by fire and thunder.

  13. Psalm 16:11; Father, baptise me with Your presence as I go out daily in this quarter in Jesus name.

  14. Vs. 11; My Father, my Father show me the path of my destiny today/ this quarter. I reject confusion in Jesus name.

  15. Vs. 11; Holy Ghost, my divine surprise pleasure, blessings and testimonies shall locate my address by fire and thunder.

  16. Every demonic agenda programmed to surprise me today/ this quarter, scatter by fire in Jesus name. Morning Short Prayers For Daily Testimonies

  17. Oh God, make me Your divine surprise showroom that will shock my mockers in this quarter in Jesus name.

  18. Psalm 119:105; Father, I surrender to Your Word, let my path and ways be directed according to Your will in Jesus name.

  19. Matthew 5:6; O God, create in me a hunger for righteousness today/this quarter; fill my soul with Your grace always in Jesus name.

  20. Daniel 6:3; Spirit of excellence, distinguish me and make me outstanding in my field of endeavour.

  21. Vs. 3; I decree that by the spirit of excellence in me, I shall be preferred above my equals and contemporaries in Jesus name.

  22. Matthew 5:7; I receive the grace to show mercy to others as I step out today/daily this quarter in Jesus name.

  23. Vs 8; O God, baptise me with Your mercy and surprise the work of my hands as I go out today in Jesus name.

  24. I decree and declare that the mistake that will cost me my divine surprise testimony shall pass over me today in Jesus name.

  25. Isaiah 65:16; I command blessings upon my life, family and ministry. What God has purposed for me today/ this quarter shall not elude me in Jesus name.

  26. I decree that only the counsel of the Lord alone shall stand in my life, family and ministry today and this quarter in Jesus name

  27. O Lord, disappoint the agenda of my haters to stop my divine surprise today and this quarter in the name of Jesus.

  28. 1 Tim. 2:1-2; Pray for me Dr. Chris and my family and for our helpers and partners today. Loose Divine Surprises.

  29. Job. 22:28; Pray now and nullify any plan to derail this ODM vision through marine witchcraft agents, court cases, online scammers, cyber criminals or evil bloggers.

  30. Ephesians 6:8; Pray in Tongues concerning today and declare Psalm 121.

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2 years ago


Victoria Elijah
Victoria Elijah
2 years ago

Than you father os l wetness this great day in the name of Jesus may l see the end of today in the name of Jesus Christ Amen From f

1 year ago


1 year ago

Amen in Jesus name it is done

Florence Kaydee
Florence Kaydee
1 year ago

God please show up in my life. I need your devine intervention in this situation of my life. Please papa God show up.

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