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Welcome to another day in this fasting programme! As we continue the story of Austin “Jay Jay” Okocha and Victor Agbo, the Holy Spirit is telling someone to develop a good heart and help other people. Yes, you can because God has given you the connection and resources to do so. Between 1993 and 2016, Austin Okocha played football 73 times for the Nigerian National team, scoring a total of 14 goals. He is regarded today as one of the greatest football players to have emerged from the continent of Africa. All thanks to the goodness of the heart of his youthful friend Victor Agbo, who made it possible for him to score a vital goal that opened the door for him to be recruited into the Enugu Rangers Football club of Owerri in Nigeria’s South Eastern state of Enugu. Journalists present at the award ceremony where Okocha told the story of his success were curious to know and meet little-known Victor Agbo to ask if the story told by Okocha was true. They met him and he corroborated the story. According to Victor, his football career ended after that vital match where he enabled Okocha to score the goal. He saw it as an opportunity for him to become a professional footballer but he did what he did because he was sure that Okocha would go far and do better than him. Okocha is like David in today’s scripture. David realized how much Jonathan, King Saul’s son, had sacrificed for him to become the king of Israel. He felt obliged to pay him back in appreciation of the goodness of his heart. Unfortunately, Jonathan was no more but he had a son who was alive though lame, whose name was Mephibosheth. King David showed his gratitude by making sure that young Mephibosheth was comfortable for the rest of his life (Verses 7-10). In this year 2024, REMEMBER THOSE WHO HELPED YOU AND SHOW THEM GRATITUDE! Start with your parents, pastor, past teachers, your office boss, etc. Even if the person is no more, reach out to his children, spouse, relative or next of kin to show appreciation.

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TODAY IS DAY 15 OF THE 21-DAY FASTING PROGRAMME! Turn to page 69 of “War Against Haman- 19”

Pray those prayers seriously! Then join the end -of – fast online prayers tonight! DAILY END-OF-FAST ONLINE PRAYERS VIA: YOUTUBE: Manna TV International And Facebook: ourdailymannaworldwide. Time 8pm Daily – Nigeria Time!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: My hope is built …

  1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
  2. I receive grace to REMEMBER those who have blessed me.
  3. Father, destiny helpers must locate me this year in Jesus name.
  4. As men and women help me in life, Lord, give me the grace to
    help others this year!
  5. Shake away from my life and ministry, DESTINY DESTROYERS!
  6. Pray the fasting prayers in “WAR AGAINST HAMAN – 19”
    and the 405 prayers!

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