ODM Daily Devotional 14 December 2017

ODM Daily Devotional 14 December 2017 – NAT: REVEALED BY FIRE!

ODM Daily Devotional 14 December 2017

ODM Daily Devotional 14 December 2017



None of s was born great! You become what you are! You discover what you know! Nathaniel Adams Cole, known professionally as Nat “King” Cole, was an American singer who came to prominence as a leading Jazz pianist. He was a very popular and celebrated singer worldwide in the sixties. ODM Daily Devotional 14 December 2017

Nat “King” Cole became the first African-American to host varieties of TV series in 1956. He is best known for his soft, baritone voice and for singles like “The Christmas song,” “Mona Lisa” and “Nature Boy” But do you know that he was actually a pianist and not a singer? One night in Sam Francisco, the main singer in his musical group developed a sore throat. The club owner then told the group that if there was no singer that night, there would be no pay. That night the piano boy Nat -“King” became his nickname, became an emergency singer.


He did so well the bandleader decided that he should continue singing and his fame as a singer began to spread till he became a world figure.
Blessed be God that disappointment became a blessing and was turned to a divine appointment with destiny! Nat died at 45 form cancer in 1965, but he discovered hidden talent through a problem/crisis.


As 2017 ends and as you use today’s devotional, realize that there are hidden, wonderful and great talents undiscovered in you. The present problem you or someone you love may be going through, could be a divine searchlight sent by God to reveal a hidden gift, calling, talent or character. Stop lamenting! You are carrying an unseen gift, untapped, but needed by this generation. Don’t waste your life in murmuring! Don’t sell yourself shot! This is your season for a new-self discovery. Fire (problems) many time, will reveal a hidden talent in your life and ministry!

ODM Daily Devotional 14 December 2017

Note Vs 21 of today’s Basic Scripture. Men and heaven will applaud your life because you will not die with an undiscovered talent. I discovered this devotional burden/gift through a ‘fire’ I went through some years ago. Note that man was designed for accomplishments, engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness. That is you! Thank God for problems! Shout 7 Halleluyas and pray now!


Take song: Because He Lives…
1. Thank God and pray about the word as led now.
2. My talent will not be wasted in Jesus namae.

  1. Lord, as 2017 ends, whatever the cost and by whatever method, reveal my hidden talents! I shall not die undiscovered in Jesus name.Lord, turn every disappointment to a blessing for my life and ministry in Jesus name. Pray about today.

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