ODM Daily Devotional December 4, 2017

ODM Daily Devotional December 4, 2017


There was once an 11-year old who went fishing with his
father in the middle of a New Hampshire lake of the UK.
ODM Daily Devotional December 4, 2017

ODM Daily Devotional December 4, 2017

 They were catching Sunfish
and Perch with worms. Then he threw the hook into the water again and when his
pole rolled over, he knew that something huge is on the other end. Behold, he
had caught a big fish: A bass fish that was banned by government because the
Bass fishing tournament industry helped o sell recreational fishing products. BASS
is name some species (types) of fish that are often caught for food or sport.
The boy and the father both looked at the handsome fish with its gills playing
back and front in the moonlight.

Our Daily Manna Devotional 4 December 2017

The father used their torchlight to look at the watch and
the time was 10p.m and nobody would see them if they carry the banned fish home.
The father looked at the fish, then at the boy and said, “Son you would have to
put it back into the water.” Dad, cried the son, “there will be no fish as big
as this one. Why can’t we take it away?
Its 10p.m and there are no security around.” Painfully however, he
dropped the fish back into the black water. That was about 44 years ago! Today,
he is a successful architect in New York City and he still takes his children
to fish. ODM Daily Devotional December 4, 2017
He has never caught such big fish as the one he lost 44
years ago, but he happy he kept his integrity. What will you do when no one is
looking at you at 10p.m. or anytime? Proverb 11:3 says: “Integrity shall guide
and promote.” As for the grace to always do the right thing in the open or in
secret. Hear Daniel Webster: “There is nothing as powerful as the truth.” Hear
this again: “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the
people some f the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” our daily manna prayer points
As 2017 ends, resist dishonesty and a double lifestyle even
in the dark! It is acidic! It is poisonous! It is deadly! Don’t you know that
the future – 20118 – is carrying your SPECIAL DECORATION? Don’t scatter it by
your lifestyle! You will shine
is Saturday December 9th; TIME:
8am-11.30am. Theme: “THE BEST FOR THE LAST: ANOITING FOR A SPECAL  LAST-MINUTE MIRACLE!” Come with your anointing
oil or any point of contact. December 9th is your day! What was lost shall be
our daily manna october to december 2017


your best worship song to God.

1.       In your own words, pray about today’s word
as led.
2.       Repent from past hypocrisy when no one was
3.       Ask for the grace to live right and be good
example to your children.  Pray for
yourself/family seriously now.
4.       I command all powers of darkness assigned
to bring my destiny down through secret sins: be paralyzed NOW, in Jesus name.


5.       Pray in the morning, afternoon/evening of
the devotional prayer points.

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