ODM Daily February 22 2018

TOPIC-  TURNING FALIURES INTO FERTILIZERS by Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe Our Daily Manna

Basic scripture: Ezekiel 37: 1-14 Please begin today’s devotional by taking the song: Dry bones shall live again. Then pray the following

War Aganist Haman Prayer Points Here 

ODM Daily February 22 2018
prayer points with faith and holy violence:
1. I refuse to be cut off from my source of joy, peace and courage this year in Jesus name.
2. I challenge and destroy every satanic military operation against my prayer and bible study
life in Jesus name.
3. Every serpentine, scorpion and wicked force of spiritual dryness, financial shame, marital
un-fulfillment, academic frustration (mention any area of any confusing problem); be
paralyzed and dry up this year in Jesus name.
4. I shall not dry up this year! Lord, let all dry bones in my life live again.
5. Lord, use my past mistakes and failure as your RAW MATERIAL and your DIVINE FERTILIZERS
for a shocking testimony this year! ODM Daily February 22 2018

ODM Daily February 22 2018

Note that every tree tops off dry and dead leaves annually. As soon as the season
approaches, by internal mechanism, the tree’s internal clocks begin the process off the
supply of water and nutrients to the leaves. Each responds by constructing a separate layer
at the base of the stalk. This layer blocks off any circulation from the leaf to the rest of the
tree and causes that the leaf fall off the tree. While this is going on, carotene pigments begin
giving leaves their or orange color (No devil shall change the color of your life from holiness,
prosperity, peace and power in Jesus name).

During this process, chlorophyll (responsible
for green leaf color) breaks down and the yellow and red pigment (antocyanin) takes center
stage. When there is no chlorophyll left, the leaves turn yellow, dry up and fall off dead. But
the thousands of leaves that fall to the ground are then converted into HUMUS-a vital
ingredient of fertilizers for the tree, to enable growth of fresh leaves. Wow! Likewise your
mistakes/failures! Is your God not the ALL WISE ONE? He will not allow your past, dry
mistakes, failures/experience to waste (Roman 8:28)! They become fertilizers for your great
destiny. ODM Daily February 22 2018

Failures and mistakes helps you see what matters and what does not! They remind
you of your humanity and teach you to value forgiveness! They make you more humble and
wake you up to your authentic self! Yes, mistakes can create a distance with someone else,
slow you down when you need to and show you where to create a balance in your life! Ah!
Your past mistakes/failures are fertilizers for your future! Learn!

nearest to you.

PRAYER POINTS: Take your best worship song to God.
1. Pray the prayer points above again now.


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