ODM Daily For Champions 3 November 2018 – HE HAS PASSED THIS ROAD!

ODM Daily For Champions 3 November 2018


Basic Scriptures: Genesis 33: 1-14; 1 Corinthians 10:13

Today’s first scripture Verse 13 says: “And he said unto him, ‘My lord knoweth that the children are tender.” Verse 14 goes on to say: “Let my lord I pray thee,” pass over before his servant and I will lead on softly according as the cattle goeth before me and the CHILDREN BE ABLE TO ENDURE BEFORE I COME unto my lord unto Seir.” If Jacob as a shepherd boy had to adjust his speed so that of his cattle and if he as a man had to lead his family ACCORDING TO HOW THE CHILDREN WERE ABLE TO ENDURE, then don’t think the Lord, the Shepherds of shepherds, will do much more for you? Read here Daily Manna For Champions 2 November 2018 – “NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR VALUE

ODM Daily For Champions 3 November 2018

ODM Daily For Champions 3 November 2018

Jacob would not have allowed his children to be driven too hard for even one day. He knew exactly how far they could go in a day and he made that his consideration in planning their travel. He had taken the same wilderness journey years before and he knew from personal experience its roughness, harshness, heat and distance. And so he said, “…I will lead on softly.”

Likewise our Lord has passed through this planet and has experienced the pain and heat of daily existence and He will never lead you too fast or too slow. He will not allow you to carry a burden bigger than you. He knows the steep places the bruises our feet and the hot and shadeless stretches of the journey that bring us to exhaustion and a near quitting point. ODM Daily For Champions 3 November 2018 – HE HAS PASSED THIS ROAD!

He Himself was made our leader, our Shepherd through the things he suffered (See Hebrew 2: 16-18). That was His qualification! He had a Ph.D in suffering. I write it as as: Ph.D (Surfg). A “man” of such caliber understands you heartaches and will not allow that unnecessary trial into your life family/ministry – (1 Cor. 10: 13). Hear John Aggrey: “God brings men to deep waters, not to drown them, but to cleanse them.”

ODM Daily For Champions 3 November 2018

As 2018 ends, trust the great Shepherd of your soul! No trial is beyond your strength! Weep not! Stop getting depressed! Laugh often! Look up! Soon, you will dance in Jesus name.

Still give out this 4th quarter ODM copy to souls! Remember, EVANGELISM is God’s heartbeat! I see NEW GRACE on you for every copy given out! Start today! ODM Daily For Champions 3 November 2018 – HE HAS PASSED THIS ROAD!

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 2: When the morning comes…
1. Pray about today’s word as led now.

2. Thank God that he knows your limit.
3. Lord, turn every tear around my life to triumph as 2018 ends in Jesus name. Reverse EVIL ARROWS today.

4. Lord, deliver me from any temptation higher than I.
5. I command every architect of spiritual coffins to dry up in confusion in Jesus name (Pray it seriously for 3 days)! See  Gems For Success For Champions – PRAY OVER EVERY GEM SERIOUSLY (ODM Prayer Points 2018)


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Obimmalu Uju
Obimmalu Uju
5 years ago

This devotional is really an inspiration for me n my household. Thank God for bringing this book my way.thank u Jesus.

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