ODM Daily Reading 19 December 2018 – THE CHINA GREAT WALL: GRACE TO GRASS

ODM Daily Reading 19 December 2018


Basic Scripture: 1 SAMUEL 3: 1-14

Two-thirds of 60 years old Great Wall of China has been destroyed by sightseers and fun seekers. The wall which is about 6,400km and one of the world’s tourist attractions is fast being vandalized by visitors, or covered by signatures, paint or other coloured objects. In fact, part of it has been ripped open for use in coal mines recently. READ HERE ODM Daily Reading 18 December 2018 – “BEHOLD THE TWO HOLES!

ODM Daily Reading 19 December 2018

ODM Daily Reading 19 December 2018

The World Monuments Fund which describes the wall as “one of the most extensive cultural lands on earth”, placed it on its list of the world’s most world’s endangered architectural sites. The point of our meditation today is that an object of pleasure has turned out to be an object of pressure and pain. It was a site of relation, which has new become a site of regrets. It was a monument of grace (dignity), which is now a place of disgrace (dishonour).

Likewise, God’s gifts and callings upon our lives can become burdens instead of blessings! The anointing upon a person if not preserved and guarded jealously, can become his/her point of disgrace and shame. Daniel prayed three times a day to preserve the Hand of God upon Him. Do you know that God rejected and regretted raising Saul as King? Preserve the gifts and callings of God upon your life and ministry, lest they become dry and worn out. You carry a product older and more precious that the Great Wall of China. Guard it jealously!

ODM Daily Reading 19 December 2018


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PRAYER POINTS: Take song 1: →   My faith looks up…
1. Worship the Lord for another wonderful day.
2. O Lord, send a revival to this area of my life now (Mention it…) Grant me the grace Lord, to avoid the error of King Saul. ODM Daily Reading 19 December 2018 – THE CHINA GREAT WALL: GRACE TO GRASS3. The wall of China is been turned to a shame. Lord, grant me the grace not to destroy or dilute the anointing upon my life/ministry (Pray it very well).

4. Lord, let my enemies never depart from their wilderness (Pry it seriously for a week).
5. O Lord, by Your Power, accelerate my testimony hour. Don’t miss Daily Manna Today 17 December 2018 – “THE “3 Hs” OF YOUR PAST!
6. Pray any other prayer(s) as led. ODM Daily Reading 19 December 2018 – THE CHINA GREAT WALL: GRACE TO GRASS. Always prayer the ODM Devotional prayers  →  Click here


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