ODM Daily Reading Devotional 14th April 2018: WHY GIFTED PEOPLE FAIL-2!

ODM Daily Reading Devotional 14th April 2018



Humanly speaking, Aaron was more CHARISMATIC than MOSES! Exodus 4:10 say: And Moses said unto the LORD, O my lord, I am not eloquent… but I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue.”Then see verse 14: “And the anger of the LORD was kindled against Moses, and he said, ‘Is not Aaron the Levite thy brother? I know that he can speak well ….”

ODM for March 6 2018 by Dr Chris

ODM Daily Reading Devotional 14th April 2018

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Oh God! He knew that Aaron was a BETTER SPEAKER and more GIFTED IN SPEECH than mosses, yet he chose Moses! So God is not moved by your CHARISMA/TALENT! Some of the most charismatic people of the twentieth century were also THE MOST DANGEROUS PEOPLE the earth has known. Oh! Mention Hitler, Chairman Mao, Karl MARX, MUSSOLINI, etc. they were all charismatic but BRUTAL DICTATORS like PHARAOH!

The Holy Ghost wants you to train your heart afresh to long for a deeper character pursuit. Consider Nehemiah’s talent/charisma! He rebuilt Jerusalem walls less than two months- an astounding feat! Marvelous! Now consider Nehemiah’s character! Why some of his peers lined their pocket by lending money at such exorbitant interested: “it is not good that (what) ye do” (Nehemiah 5:9). Then he announced (paraphrased), “I didn’t act that way. ODM Daily Reading Devotional 14th April 2018

I also devoted myself to walking on the wall” (Nehemiah 5:15-16). So the Holy Ghost is saying: TALENT/CHARISMA IS NOT ENOUGH! God does not want you to be a TALENTED MAN OR WOMAN WHO WILL END UP IN HELL! Do you want to be a successful man or woman who will cry at the last: OH! I MISSED HEAVEN?” So, He, Jehovah the GARMENT CHANGER, passes you through some hash battles to build your CHARACTER! Want to develop your character? Follow Jeremiah’s footsteps! Be different! Let your hands be clean!

ODM Daily Reading Devotional 14th April 2018

Let your words be your bond! Be faithful! Don’t take advantage of others! Run from whatever you know is wrong even if there is no immediate gain! Never compare to others! Stay daily with the word! Read great books and watch great DVDs like the last January anointing night! Always remember: Talent is cheaper than table salt and charisma without character is equal to an EVERLASTING-HAD-I-KNOWN!” pray now!

LEARN SPECIAL FAVOUR SECRETS AT NEXT LAGOS LEKKI ANOINTING SERVICE APRIL 28th, 7.30AM. come again with 3 SPECIAL PRAYER POINTS AS I LAY HANDS ON THEM! Pastors will have special Attention! Satan has lost the battle! ODM Daily Reading Devotional 14th April 2018
PRAYER POINTS: Take a song of worship to your Gd as led.
1. Thank God for today’s devotional as you are led. ODM Daily Reading Devotional 14th April 2018
2. Repent from where you have failed in CHARACTER in your past!

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3. Lord God, reopen any that my CHARACTER has closed by my errors ion Jesus name (pray it seriously for 7 days, twice daily). ODM Daily Reading Devotional 14th April 2018
4. You satanic plain to RUBBISH my testimony and close my God sent door through BAD CHARACTER; S-C-A-T-E-R NOW IN JESUS name!
5. Pray any other prayer as led now! Pray about today now! Cancel LOSS OF FAVOUR from a helper. ODM Daily Reading Devotional 14th April 2018

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