ODM Daily Reading For Champions 13 June 2018 – WHERE IS YOUR BET?

ODM Daily Reading For Champions 13 June 2018


Basic Scripture Act 22; 21- 30

One of my most loved songs is the popular hymn titled; “my hope is built on nothing less”. This song was written by Edward mote in 1834. The first stanza and chorus is as below: To read previous ODM Daily Devotionals,   CLICK HERE

ODM Daily Reading For Champions 13 June 2018

ODM Daily Reading For Champions 13 June 2018

My hope is built on nothing less;
Then Jesus blood and righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame;
But wholly lean on Jesus name;


On Christ, the solid rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand. ODM Daily Reading For Champions 13 June 2018

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Indeed, in this year 2018, you not trust the sweetest frame
Every other flame or support will fail you, sink you and expire you imagine this;
About 2,200 years ago, Roman Empire was the strongest in the world. It was the America of that time and it was the sweetest and strongest frame [support] that every nation leaned on. The Roman emperors were treated like gods and their soldiers were highly regarded, envied, and feared.

ODM Daily Reading For Champions 13 June 2018

Even Paul in today’s scripture, made his beings a Roman citizen a big deal during his persecution and trials. But at that same time, just about 2,200 years ago, a 30 years-old carpenter was born and he went about preaching and teaching about the kingdom of heaven alongside 12 incompetent, inexperienced, and unreliable disciples. Who would you have chosen as a frame to lean on?

Humanly speaking, I would have leaned on the Roman Empire but today that Empire has a long disappeared from the earth and that Carpenter and his 12 crew of inexperienced men have survived thousands of years and they are the only stars on earth today that CANNOT be dimmed! Funny enough, people name their children Jesus, John, James mark, etc; but call their dogs /pets “Nero,’’ ‘Caesar, etc; indeed the SWEETEST FRAME to trust this year is that CARPENTER (Jesus Christ)!

Trust His Blood, His Name and His UNFAILING WORD/PROMISES! No matter the battles you face, never give up look up! Look up to Him and you will never sink! He is the SWEETEST FRAME of all time! This is your year! ODM Daily Reading For Champions 13 June 2018

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Daily Manna Wednesday 13 June 2018 – Topic: WHERE IS YOUR BET?

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PRAYER POINTS: Take song 5: When the morning comes…
1. Thank GOD for today’s word and pray as you are lead. ODM Daily 13 June 2018
2. Repent from trusting other sources [frames] in your past
3. My hope shall never be built on man this year. Daily Manna Wednesday 13 June 2018

4. My hope shall not be built on money this year.
5. My hope shall not be built on career this year.
6. O sweetest frame of Jesus, catapult me to my destiny land
7. Pray about today generally as led now.

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