ODM Daily Reading For Champions 1st May 2018- LESSONS FROM THE ISRAELI AIR FORCE

ODM Daily Reading For Champions 1st May 2018



The nation of Israel is known for many reasons, one of which are the many battled it has fought over the years. Right from Biblical days until now, the Israelites are known as a nation of war. One thing that has been outstanding is their dominance of the Middle East. See ODM For the 30th April HERE

ODM Daily Reading For Champions 1st May 2018

ODM Daily Reading For Champions 1st May 2018

An analysis done in January 2018, gave reasons why the Israeli army has had dominance over the Middle East. The report says that the Israeli army has an air force like no other in the Middle East. An army of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), the Israeli Air force (colloquially the IAF) since the 1960s, has been known to play a central role in the country’s defense, it secures the battlefield and the civilian population from enemy air attack. ODM Daily Reading For Champions 1st May 2018

The IDF has over the years demonstrated strategic reach, attacking critical targets at a considerable distance. The dominance of IAF has also come about through effective training, a flexible approach to design and procurement. The Israelis fill their air force with jet fighters by buying from France, the United States as well as building the planes themselves. It has robust fighter projects through the development and export of components for domestic as well export use, including munitions and avionics.

Oh, thank you Jesus! Like the Israeli Air force, you can develop strategies that can make you dominate the enemy of your soul (the devil), SINCE YOU CANNOT ESCAPE FROM WARS AS A CHILD OF GOD. One of the things your generation will know you for is WARS! This ODM vision has fought unbelievable wars from enemies and detractors! My other nickname is “BISHOPO WAR”! But the joy of wars is that for a child of God, VICTORY IS GUARANTEED EVEN BEFORE THE BATTLE BEGINS! In fact, your GOD is called a MAN OF WAR!

ODM Daily Reading For Champions 1st May 2018

Wow! The flesh and the spiritual forces that fight against our victory in this present world can equally be dominated. A strong prayer life, a deep commitment to the study of the scriptures (jn 5:4) and a careful study of lives of past spiritual giants are some prerequisites for victory.

In addition resisting the devil as seen in today’s scripture, fleeing from every appearances of evil e.g fornication, etc are great tips for victory. Your God is a Man of War! Israel is a nation of Wars! Abraham was a warrior! He had a personal army that defeated five kings/nations! So, you are from a family of WARS! You will win ALL BATTLES at last! Hold on and hold out! The Lord will grant you victory in Jesus name!

PRAYER POINTS: Take a song of woship to God as led now.
1. Pray over today’s word as led now. Pray about this new month
2. I am like my God! A man of WARS! I decree: NO BATTLE will bring me down! I AM NOT A QUITTER!

ODM Daily Reading For Champions 1st May 2018

My TRUST in this God will never make me end up in shame! Pray about this new month.
3. I claim my victory and decoration concerning the following issues of my destiny (MENTION THEM NOW). Oh God, let my song be; Victory at last in Jesus name. Cancel false accusation this new month. ODM Daily Reading For Champions 1st May 2018
4. Every power targeting my victory, expire now in Jesus name!

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