ODM Daily Reading For Champions May 28 2018 – IF LIFE WAS AN iPHONE! GIVE IT AWAY!

ODM Daily Reading For Champions May 28 2018



A .W. Vanderbergh wrote, “To love the whole world for me is no chore, my only real problem is my neigbour next door”. Most business would benefit greatly if bosses truly loved their employees and the workers knew it. Read ODM yesterday’s devotional ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ HERE

ODM for March 6 2018 by Dr Chris

ODM Daily Reading For Champions May 28 2018

Most marriages would be happier, if spouses heard and saw constant reminders and they were loved by their mates. Most families would have been happier, if many parents consistently and lovingly affirmed their children. Tim Sanders wrote the book, “LOVE IS THE THE KILLER APP: HOW TO WIN BUSINESS AND INFLUENCE FRIENDS.” The book summary is that LOVE is the crucial element in the search for personal and professional success.

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He goes on to say that if life was an iPhone, love would be the first app you should download. Hear Mother Teresa also- ” The hunger for love is much more difficult than the hunger for bread.” the greatest leaders are loving leaders; their followers, friends and employees know they have their best interest at heart!

ODM Daily Reading For Champions May 28 2018

Stop and think about this: Would you say the people who made the greatest and most loving impact on you were the ones you felt genuinely loved and cared about you? Of cos you would! A song writer once wrote, “love wasn’t put in your heart to stay: love isn’t love till you give away.’ You can’t love less because you carry the life of Jesus Christ, our Prefect Example in you!

ODM Daily Reading For Champions May 28 2018

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 2: Blessed assurance…
1. In your words, pray seriously on today’s word.
2. Every yoke of abandoned projects that has delayed the testimonies of my life, CATCH FIRE now by the HOLY GHOST!

You can also pray this daily prayers/bullets – SATAN, MY MOUTH IS YOUR DISGRACE AND DISAPPOINTMENT THIS YEAR – “Where the word of a king is, there is power.”

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3. Every demonic information that wants to deceive me and derail me from the path of DECORATION AND DANCING, I break your hold today in Jesus name ( Pray it seriously).

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