ODM Daily Reading For Today 27 April 2018: SATANIC RAGE AND ANGER! – 1

ODM Daily Reading For Today 27 April 2018


BASIC SCRIPTURES: PSALM 74:17-23; ACTS 23: 12-13

Psalm 74:20 reveals. “Have respect unto the covenant: for the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty.” Note: “For the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty.” CRUELTY also means GREAT WICKEDNESS, RAGE AND ANGER! Habitations of cruelty are the factories of satanic wickedness!

ODM Daily Reading For Today 27 April 2018

ODM Daily Reading For Today 27 April 2018

It is the territory of anti-decoration powers! But they shall miss your address this year because my decoration is not negotiable! THEY CANNOT TURN MY DECORATION TO DESECRATION because POWER pass POWER! Someone said: “The entire world is a measured dark, and hence everywhere there are cruel enemies of the Lord’s people; but in some places a seven fold night of superstition and unbelief has settled down, and their rage against the saint reaches to madness.” ODM Daily Reading For Today 27 April 2018

Oh, SATANIC RAGE AND ANGER! Every satanic rage and madness targeted at your DECORATION PARTY will catch fire and scatter this year in Jesus name. Ah! In today’s 2nd scripture, MORE THAN 40 MEN made a vow not to eat or drink till Paul was dead (acts 23: 12-13). That is SATANIC RAGE/WICKEDNESS!

ODM Daily Reading For Today 27 April 2018

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Do you know there are people also planning against you like that in ANGER/RAGE? I was once told that certain bishops were angry with me and wonder how TBS Lagos was full/jammed every year at our WORLD ANNOINTING NIGHT, without my being on the TV or radio.

Some have started devotionals and even fixed programs to clash with such a night! They planned to manufacture fabricated stories and evil against me! That is why I always ask ODM users to quickly DISREGARD any “HOT STORY,” written or said about me! It is called, SATANIC RAGE! ODM Daily Reading For Today 27 April 2018

Do you know that the demonic grandmother that was publicly cast out of that girl during the last TBS WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT appeared to attack me in the night after that programme? She was angry and said: “WE SHALL RETURN TO DEAL WITH YOU!” but I know that Isaiah 54:17 is alive! That is SATANIC RAGE/WICKEDNESS! (Oh, please get the DVD of that last WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT)! I prophesy: those planning to rubbish your CHANGED GARMENT shall run mad this year… (to be continued tomorrow). Pray now!

YOUR NAME WILL BE FAVOUR! ODM Daily Reading For Today 27 April 2018


PRAYER POINTS: take song 4: stand up for Jesus…
1. Pray about today’s word generally as led now.
2. My father! My father!! My father!!! Cause the evil counsel of the wicked in my life, family and ministry to see corruption today/this year in Jesus name.

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3. You anti-decoration powers be arrested today in Jesus name.
4. I decree: Every evil satanic plot meant for my shame and tears expire and backfire now by fire (pray it seriously). ODM Daily Reading For Today 27 April 2018
5. Lord, show me SPECIAL FAVOUR in Jesus name. Pray about today!

ODM Daily Reading For Today 27 April 2018

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