ODM Devotional August 2022

ODM Devotional August 2022


Have you gotten your own ODM Devotional for August 2022? You may be
wondering if it’s available or not. Well, you should know that the devotional is
already available and you can access it right now too. You can buy your our daily
manner ODM Devotional at bookshops as well as download them online if you want.
Why should you get ODM Devotional August 2022? Actually, there are different
good reasons that can be explored. One prominent thing I want you to however know
right now is that you are meant to be a shining light in this dark world of ours, and if
you must do this, then you have to be appropriately equipped yourself.

Now, let’s be realistic, we live in a world where negative stuff seems to be the order of
the day. Imagine the evil things people usually indulge in every now and then. There
is thick darkness around here, and the devil is doing terrible things too. The devil is
working hard to destroy the lives of people and influence them to keep doing wrong
things. So, the world seems to be in an unpleasant state due to all of these nonsense
and stuff happening around.

However, the Lord Jesus says we are light. He said we are meant to rise as sons of
God and chase away darkness from this space. Don’t forget that Jesus Himself came
to the earth to also destroy the evil works of the devil. Now, He is reigning, and wants
us to continue this job from the earth realm with boldness. In fact, before He was
lifted up to heaven, He told us that we shall do greater works if we believe in Him.
That means we are meant to wreck serious havoc to the kingdom of darkness.
It is not appropriate that you as a child of God should be helpless and hopeless due to
the working of the evil ones in the society. You are meant to arise as an agent of light
and let the Glory of God shines through you. When you rise, you destroy the works of
the evil ones around you and send them packing with speed.

Then you can be sure that as God’s Glory shines, all Glory will be to Him alone. The
people of the world will come to Him and be grateful for His works. You know, Jesus
says that if He is lifted up, He will draw all men to Himself. So, as a son of God, as
you rise in His might to destroy the works of the enemy, you will then be able to lift
His Glory and Person, and the world will glorify Him. As the world looks to Jesus,
they will be saved.

When the world turn to Jesus, we can be sure of living in bliss. Don’t forget that God’s
perfect Will is that we should live heaven on earth. He wants us to colonize earth with
heaven. This means, it wasn’t in God’s perfect Will that we should be horrified by the
unpleasant things currently available in the earth realm, since those things are not
where God is in heaven. So, God is seriously counting on us to bring heaven to the
earth realm.
So, this is very serious business, and you should not live an anyhow life if you are
going to be an ambassador of Christ indeed. Thus, you must be properly equipped and
sound. You must be properly trained as an effective soldier of Christ, and you will be
able to win great wars for Him.

This is why we can encourage you to always engage spiritual materials like ODM
Devotional. Our daily bread devotional is very helpful when it comes to appropriate
spiritual equippings as a son of God. It is the Will of God that we keep growing in
maturity until we get to that stage where we can always effectively go about His
business – where we bring to pass His perfect Will anywhere we find ourselves.
We are therefore advising that you should not just live your days in August 2022
anyhow and carelessly. Rather, you should be meticulous with your every steps, and
should see to it that you are constantly training and building yourself in the things that
has to do with spirituals. This is why you should make sure you have our daily
manner ODM Devotional August 2022. As you progress in the month, see to it that
you keep engaging this devotional, as it is very helpful when it comes to spiritual

If you want to, you can buy the physical copy of our daily manner daily devotional
anywhere around. You can easily get it in bookshops around you without stress.
Indeed, these are spiritual investments that are worth it. You can spend your resources
on such things as this, and you are confident that you won’t regret it. In fact, it is
advisable that you don’t just buy a copy of ODM Devotional for yourself alone.
Rather, you should also take the step to buy for your loved ones too. If you are a
parent, don’t just buy for yourself alone. Rather, help your children by buying for
them too. These things are very good and helpful.

Also, you can decide to read our daily manner ODM Devotional online. You can
easily do this all through the month of August as far as you have a good device (either
a smartphone or a PC) that has internet. You will be blessed if you are consistent with
these things.

In conclusion, don’t just read all odm devotional in the month of August alone.
Additionally, make sure you are reading these things and you are doing the things you
read about too. In other words, ensure you are putting them into practice. Don’t just
read them and know them at the level of head knowledge alone. Rather, you must be a
doer of God’s Word, so you will be blessed indeed.

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