ODM For Champions 20 January 2019 – CALLED FROM THE CROWD! YOU ARE NEXT

ODM For Champions 20 January 2019


Basic Scripture: Ruth 1: 11-22

Share with me this wonderful testimony below which was shared during the October Anointing Service at The Lagos Manna Mountain: “In March 2016, my son had an infraction with his employer and was arraigned in court in May 2016. During the fasting programme, God revealed to me that I should read Psalm 18 I did, though I hadn’t read it before. I was tired of paying lawyers to pursue the case. Then not quite long, by March 2018, I received another revelation that should so a seed in seven churches (seven altars).

ODM For Champions 20 January 2019

ODM For Champions 20 January 2019

In May 2018, I came to Ogudu Manna Mountain during the May Anointing Service and sowed the seventh seed. And as the service was going on, our father in the Lord, Dr. Chris, just laid in the altar and through a word of knowledge said, “A woman is here in the service and you are here purposely because your son has a case in the court; the Lord says, the case is over.” I jumped of the crowd to the altar and started praising God. In July 27th, July 2018, true to the prophesy, the case was struck off and miraculously, my son was disgorged and acquitted!

To God be the glory! (Mrs. Osazuwa I.P 234-7065-069-389).” Wow! Thank God for the Psalms and their operation in breaking yokes! I have been instructed in giving out PSALMS every January for the past 2 years! Please obey as prophetic instructions are being given through this booklet and the “WAR AGAINST HAMAN-14” booklet! Note also that this lady was asked to sow seeds! Please OBEY instructions on seeds to be sown in our fasting programmes! But why was the seventh seed at the MANNA MOUNTAIN, the seed that FINALLY broke the battle yoke and provoke the STORY TO GLORY testimony? Oh!

ODM For Champions 20 January 2019

The God who ended this woman’s two-year court battle is still alive and will end that battle in your life, family and ministry in this 21-day fasting programme and at the STORY TO GLORY WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT at the TBS LAGOS – Friday January 25th 2019 – 7pm -3am! Come with some prayer points and PACK SOME SAND from your village, city of place of business/career/school. Every evil judgment against you shall scatter! Yes! And I prophesy to you now: You sand (earth) shall obey you this year!

Your sand (earth) shall vomit YOUR GLORY! Your LAND, YOUR SAND, YOUR EARTH SHALL REJECT YOUR BLOOD AND REJECT THE ASSIGNMENT OF GLORY SWALLOWERS! Ah! Your sand (earth) shall yield all your heaven’s deposited benefits, blessings, increase, possessions, and GLORY into you this year! ODM For Champions 20 January 2019 – CALLED FROM THE CROWD! YOU ARE NEXT

Today is DAY 16 of 21-day fasting. Pray seriously now as you open to PAGE 69 → CLICK HERE of “WAR AGAINST HAMAN-14” booklet for today’s prayers! STILL GIVE OUT A COPY OF OUR DAILY MANNA, CHILDREN’S ODM AND “WAR AGAINST HAMAN-14” BOOKLET AS NEW YEAR GIFTS! ODM For Champions 20 January 2019 – CALLED FROM THE CROWD! YOU ARE NEXT

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 2: The old rugged cross…
1. In your own words, pray generally about today’s word as led now. ODM For Champions 20 January 2019 – CALLED FROM THE CROWD! YOU ARE NEXT

2. O LORD, like the lady in today’s devotional story and Ruth, take me from the crowd this year! Single me out for a STORY TO GLORY testimony this year in Jesus name. Read here – “SHOOT ALL YOUR ARROWS! YOUR YEAR OF FULL GOSPEL – 2


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Grace Phiri
Grace Phiri
5 years ago

ELOHIM listen to my cry this year…pick from the crowd …do not pass me by. …in JESUS CHRIST mighty name! !!Amen and amen!

5 years ago

Wow, what a miraculous testimony!! Oh God, May your name be praised forevermore!!
Man of God, May you continually be soared with the holy spirit!
May your fire never quench!
To all Odm crew, May God open the flood gate and cause His rain to fall on you and your family!

5 years ago

Please email me the prayer for day 16 joyceirogue@yahoo.com

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