ODM For Champions 25 December 2018 – CONQUEROR OR VICTIM MENTALITY?

ODM For Champions 25 December 2018


Basic Scripture: Genesis 26: 16-33

When it comes to handling hurt and offenses and bouncing back, there are two groups of people in the world: people who treat the hurt with a victim mentality, and people who treat it with a conqueror’s mentality. A man with a victim mentality will do his best to get even and pay the other person back in his own coin. Also read Our Daily Manna 24 December 2018 – “WATER APPEARED FOR HIM!

ODM For Champions 25 December 2018

ODM For Champions 25 December 2018

He doesn’t believe in forgiving and forgetting. On the other hand, the one who has a conqueror’s mentality has conquered all hurt and offenses. He is bigger than every hurt and offenses that may come his way. The hurtful things that people will do will never have a negative effect on you IF YOU REFUSE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THOSE THINGS! Refuse to be a victim! Joseph refused to take the baggage of hurt, resentment and bitterness that his brothers were trying to impose on him.

Isaac refused to carry the baggage of resentment, jealousy and injustice that the Philistines were trying to pass on to him. Every time he dug a well, they would come and still the well from him. Instead of fighting back, he would give the well and go and dig another one. David refused to carry the baggage of hurt, failure, bitterness and jealousy that Saul was trying to pour on him. HE REFUSED TO BE A VICTIM! He refused to be hurt!

ODM For Champions 25 December 2018

On this Christmas day and as 2018 ends, you must be the next DAVID! Hear the words of C.R. Strahan, “Forgiveness has nothing to do with absolving a criminal of his crime! It has everything to do with relieving oneself of the burden of being a victim – letting go of the pain and transforming yourself from victim to survivor.” When you choose to live in forgiveness, you set yourself above every evil arrow of hurt, bitterness and resentment that the enemy shoots in your direction; you become unstoppable and you become a SURVIVOR!

I just heard that you are entering a new phase as 2019 begins AND YOU ARE MOVING FROM STORY TO GLORY! Amen and amen! Merry Christmas from me and the ODM crew!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take your best worship song as led now. ODM Hymn Songs
1. Pray generally as you are led on today’s scripture.

2. Thank God for another Christmas day! Every baggage of hurt and resentment that the enemy has laid on me and used to slow me down, BE REMOVED in Jesus name.
3. I refuse to be a VICTIM! I am a CONQUEROR! I refuse bitterness/pain! Lord, let Your peace and love flood my heart afresh as 2018 ends. I receive the grace to forgive and move on from this Christmas day!

4. I scatter every END-OF-YEAR EVIL NEWS in Jesus name. ODM For Champions 25 December 2018 – CONQUEROR OR VICTIM MENTALITY?
5. Pray about today seriously as led. Pray against a KIDNAP PLAN of a child!


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