ODM January 2020 Day 6



Vs. 3 of today’s 2nd Scripture says: “And he sought to see who Jesus was; and could not for the press, because he was little of stature.” He had money but he had a deficiency/a weakness – HE WAS A SHORT MAN! He had money and influence, but he was a laughing stock in society! People laughed at his LITTLE STATURE! He had money and fame but he was an object of MOCKERY!

ODM January 2020 Day 6
ODM January 2020 Day 6

ODM January 2020 Day 6

Even the poor MOCKED his stature! God was using his stature to tell ZACCHAEUS – “YOU ARE NOT COMPLETE WITHOUT ME!” Indeed, that’s how God uses our trials to speak to us! NOBODY is perfect, but the LORD wants you to TURN that WEAKNESS to HIM! Instead of him to pity himself and die, Zacchaeus determined to change his destiny! He ran and CLIMBED A SYCAMORE TREE! Remember that in 1 Kings 19, Elijah also ran from danger (threat from Jezebel) and sat under a JUNIPER TREE! Oh! (The JUNIPER THE AND SYCAMORE tree!
The Holy Ghost wants you to be determined to move from the JUNIPER TREE of fear, discouragement, self-pity, self-comparison (comparing yourself with others), depression, secret anger against God, to the SYCAMORE tree of DETERMINATION, EFFORT and EXPECTATION! The LORD met Zacchaeus on top of that SYCAMORE TREE and he that was short in stature suddenly became TALL in stature. The whole world suddenly came to a stand-still for him and he became instantly famous! Wow!

JESUS STOOD FOR HIM to come down from the tree and in this year 2020, the LORD will SURPRISE YOU! Zacchaeus was EXPECTING JUST TO SEE JESUS, but the LORD changed his EXPECTATION to his ELEVATION! He told him – “COME DOWN; today I shall visit your HOUSE!” Suddenly the JEERING led to JUBILATION! That shall be your story this year! Just refuse to QUIT or give up! Your best days are ahead of you! You will be so ELEVATED that men will ask you: “IS IT ONLY YOU SERVING GOD”? Don’t forget that ZACCHAEUS was not the only SHORT MAN in town! The LORD will pass a billion souls and get to your address this year!

ODM January 2020 Day 6

The LORD will single you out of the crowd for an uncommon ELEVATION! He will wipe SHAME away from you and crown you with FAME! I can imagine people discussing ZACCHAEUS all over the city! You are next! Men will ask you: “HOW DID IT HAPPEN”? The testimony of “CAN THIS BE TRUE?” is locating you this year! Determine to move from the JUNIPER TREE to the SYCAMORE tree and start the 21-day WORLD-WIDE FAST from January 11th to 31st! Then never miss the WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT of January 31, 7pm at the TBS Lagos.

It will be a night when the LORD will single you out from the crowd like ZACCHAEUS! Yea! It will be your “ZACCHAEUS LIGHT!” Get the “WAR AGAINST HAMAN- 15” booklet for the 21-day PROPHETIC prayer points! Something great and new is about to happen! Pray now! ODM January 2020 Day 6 – MOVE FROM THE JUNIPER TREE TO YOUR SYCAMORE TREE – 2!

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 1: When the morning comes…  → CLICK HERE
1. Pray about today’s word as it has touched you. ODM January 2020 Day 6 – MOVE FROM THE JUNIPER TREE TO YOUR SYCAMORE TREE – 2!
2. Lord, turn the follow following deficiencies/weakness of my life to my dancing pad (mention them)!
3. Pray the prayers JUST BEFORE ANY FASTING PROGRAMME on Page 108 of WAR AGAINST HAMAN-15″ → CLICK HERE  for the next 4 days.


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