ODM Manna March 7 2018 Champions do not pre-judge

 Topic- Champions do not pre-judge March 7 2018

Basic scripture: Job 22:1- 10 ODM

Eliphaz, one of Job’s friends, sharply criticized Job in his affliction because he thought Job’s trouble was the result of his own wickedness (Vs. 5 of today’s Basic scripture) but he was wrong and many times, we are also concerning other people or even ourselves.

ODM Manna March 7 2018 Champions do not pre-judge

We blame ourselves when we go through trials and adversities. While honest and sincere self- examination is vital in any crises, you must not run yourself or others down. Jesus said that in this world, we will pass through- tribulations (John 16:33). It does not matter your spiritual status is! In fact sometimes, the higher you go, the higher you tribulations become. So why condemn yourself? The good news is that through every battle you will ever fight, you will come out better, winning and triumphant (2Cor: 2: 4).

That means10 battles will produce 10 testimonies and 10 victories. 100 trials will produce 100 victories! This is your portion and birthright as you go out today and daily in this New Year! Oh! Never been seen condemning yourself! Never be seen depressed! Never be seen regretting your salvation! You will win today and always, if you don’t curse God. The title, “Champions” is for those that have that have fought and won life’s battles! Don’t you know you are one? Let today’s devotional bring a new fire of grace into you and shame to the gate of hell. Your life is regularly being a big problem to principalities. Your life will harass hell. Stop complaining! They are doing all they can to get you to quit.


It is not you that will. It is not you that will quit. Your enemies and their father the devil that will regret you ever passed through this planet and they are the ones that will quit. So keep keeping on! Most of your troubles in life, family, ministry, school, business, etc, are because you live in an imperfect world where there is a devil and God also uses your adversities (problems) to prepare you to help others! Yes! Problems can create you in a caring heart for others! If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail! Paul said that God comforted him in his trials so that he could comfort others. Something wonderful, beautiful and exciting is coming out of your present, temporary trials. Never forget that champions don’t complain or pre-judge and problems are the breakfast of champions! Feed on them to grow! This is your year! Hold on! Hold out!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take song 3: Because He lives…
O Lord, by your fire and your word, purge any fear, self-condemnation or guilt from me in Jesus name.
Every decree of the Queen of coast concerning my life, ministry, career or progress; SCATTER NOW!
God is working on me. I shall not judge myself or others again in Jesus name. This is my year! Pray about today.


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Ifeyinwa Godfrey
Ifeyinwa Godfrey
6 years ago

Lovely devotional

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