Our Daily Mamma Devotional For Winners April 8 2018

Our Daily Mamma Devotional For Winners April 8 2018



In a football match, the job of the referee or umpire is to make sure that the match is played according to the rules of the game football. If anything is done by anyone of the players that violate the rules of the game, the umpire blows his whistle and gives a card to defaulting player. Sometimes, referees and umpires make mistakes and fail.

Our Daily Mamma Devotional For Winners April 8 2018

Our Daily Mamma Devotional For Winners April 8 2018

Years ago, during one of the qualifying matches for the 2010 world cup between France and Ireland, popular French footballer, theiry Henry, handled the ball stopped it with his hands; and then it on to fellow teammate William Galas who then scored a goal. The referee did not disqualify the goal. Everyone on the Irish team was shocked! Later when someone went to accuse Henry of cheating, Here is what he said It was a hand ball, but I am not the referee. Wow! In other words, men can make mistake that gives you a fortune, but when you have God as a referee or umpire of your life, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR!Our Daily Mamma Devotional For Winners April 8 2018

He will never call that which will put you at loss. He is the referee that can never fail. In fact he is a referee that is ON YOUR SIDE! Yes, In this game of life, Jehovah your God, BIASED in your favour because FAVOUR IS NOT FAIR! If God be for being for you, WHO and WHAT can be against you? NOTHING and NOBODY! All things will work in your favour!

Our Daily Mamma Devotional For Winners April 8 2018

He is not just a referee; he is also your coach. That is why the spirit of God is saying to you today, that in these remaining days of 2018,YOUR VICTORY IS CERTAIN.YOU CAN NOT BE DEFEATED ; the referee is on your side!

ONE –ON-ONE POWER CENTER! Our Daily Mamma Devotional For Winners April 8 2018
ONE-ON-ONE WITH ME NOW OPENS OGUDU Mountain 8 am Sundays only! I rotate the two mountains weekly. Satan is in trouble! Call +234 08056241771; 08152626135 for more information! See page 45 for details also!

PRAYER PIONTS: Take song 5: when the morning… Our Daily Mamma Devotional For Winners April 8 2018
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led.
2. I cannot fail on this PLANNET! My God is the REFEREE of this game life! He is on my side and I can never lose in Jesus name.
3. Every evil referee assigned by hell to make sure that I fail, I RELEASE PARALYSIS AND DISAPPOINTMENT UPON YOU TODAY, in JESUS NAME (pray it very, very well).

4. I reject and cancel every plot of fraud, deceit and injustices against me; it will not stand in Jesus name. Our Daily Mamma Devotional For Winners April 8 2018
5. Turn Isaiah 54:17 into prayer now; no Weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. I condemned every tongue speaking against my life and ministry now in Jesus name.Our Daily Mamma Devotional For Winners April 8 2018


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6 years ago

This is a beautiful devotional. May the shepherd continue in God’s leading and never deviate in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

Please the poster SHOULD ALWAYS PROOFREAD THE PASSAGES AND REMOVE ALL GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. I’ll think the errors a satanic agenda to twist the inspirational message of the Holy Ghost in the write-ups. I’m sure he posts from the booklet. Please write every word as it appears there.


6 years ago

The comment avatars are one hell too. Reminds one of Ursula’s poor unfortunate souls. Can you use nicer images, please¿

I love the fruits on the ODM booklet cover; it’s an evidence of the fruitfulness of God’s word in it.

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