Our Daily Manna 16 December 2018 – WHEN DAVID CRIED OUT!

Our Daily Manna 16 December 2018


Basic Scripture: Isaiah 55: 6-13

In Psalm 69: 17, David cried out: “And hold not Thy face from Thy savant, for I am in trouble; hear me speedily.” Also Psalm 102: 2 says: “Hide not Thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline Thine ear unto me: in the day I call answer me speedily.” So the key words are ‘ANSWER ME SPEEDILY!’ but sometimes, your God does not answer SPEEDILY! He DELAYS and that is where the faith of millions begin to waver!


Our Daily Manna 16 December 2018

But the Holy Ghost wants you to know that God has good reasons for delay: (1). God delays because His ways are not your ways (Isa. 55: 8-9). God’s ways are higher! Trust that He has a divine purpose for His delay. Your viewpoint is limited, but HE sees all things! Proverb 3: 5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” God may be putting everything in place before revealing His answer to you. None of us may ever know why! (2). God delays so that He can be glorified in the end.

John 11: 4 says (paraphrase), “When He heard this, Jesus said ’This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s son may be glorified through it.” When Lazarus was sick, the LORD delayed deliberately in going to him. During that delay, Lazarus died! Oh, what a God! But note this now: Whatever delay God allows will end up in glory and not groaning because his delay is not His denial. Be reminded of the four ways God answers prayers:

(3) YES! YES! YES!

Our Daily Manna 16 December 2018

When our prayers are not answered in the way we wish, It is because God knows why. If God answered our prayers the way we desired, many of us would have been long dead. Learn to just trust the Alpha and the Omega, the God who sees the end from the beginning. God may not answer your prayers exactly the way you asked for it, but never forget, He always answers! You will end in GLORY LAND on planet earth!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take a song of worship to God. ODM Hymns
1. In your own words pray on today’s word now.

2. Lord, let alone Your will be done in my life and ministry!
3. O God, by the Blood of Jesus, I uproot all unnecessary delays in the affairs of my life (Pray it seriously). Our Daily Manna 16 December 2018 – WHEN DAVID CRIED OUT!

4. Lord, shake away any agent of discouragement/delay and depression out of my life /ministry in Jesus name.
5. Lord, surprise me for good in this last month of 2018! Our Daily Manna 16 December 2018 – WHEN DAVID CRIED OUT!. Pray about today and any other issue(s) as led today. See page 7-9 →  Click here for the devotional prayers.

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