Our Daily Manna 19 December 2020 – THE FASTED LIFE!

Our Daily Manna 19 December 2020 – THE FASTED LIFE!



12 And when it was day, certain of the Jews banded together, and bound themselves under a curse, saying that they would neither eat nor drink till they had killed Paul.

13 And they were more than forty which had made this conspiracy.

14 And they came to the chief priests and elders, and said, We have bound ourselves under a great curse, that we will eat nothing until we have slain Paul.

15 Now therefore ye with the council signify to the chief captain that he bring him down unto you to morrow, as though ye would enquire something more perfectly concerning him: and we, or ever he come near, are ready to kill him.

16 And when Paul’s sister’s son heard of their lying in wait, he went and entered into the castle, and told Paul.Our Daily Manna 19 December 2020

17 Then Paul called one of the centurions unto him, and said, Bring this young man unto the chief captain: for he hath a certain thing to tell him.

18 So he took him, and brought him to the chief captain, and said, Paul the prisoner called me unto him, and prayed me to bring this young man unto thee, who hath something to say unto thee.

19 Then the chief captain took him by the hand, and went with him aside privately, and asked him, What is that thou hast to tell me?

20 And he said, The Jews have agreed to desire thee that thou wouldest bring down Paul to morrow into the council, as though they would enquire somewhat of him more perfectly.

21 But do not thou yield unto them: for there lie in wait for him of them more than forty men, which have bound themselves with an oath, that they will neither eat nor drink till they have killed him: and now are they ready, looking for a promise from thee.

22 So the chief captain then let the young man depart, and charged him, See thou tell no man that thou hast shewed these things to me.

23 And he called unto him two centurions, saying, Make ready two hundred soldiers to go to Caesarea, and horsemen threescore and ten, and spearmen two hundred, at the third hour of the night;

24 And provide them beasts, that they may set Paul on, and bring him safe unto Felix the governor.

25 And he wrote a letter after this manner:

26 Claudius Lysias unto the most excellent governor Felix sendeth greeting.

27 This man was taken of the Jews, and should have been killed of them: then came I with an army, and rescued him, having understood that he was a Roman. Our Daily Manna 19 December 2020

28 And when I would have known the cause wherefore they accused him, I brought him forth into their council:

29 Whom I perceived to be accused of questions of their law, but to have nothing laid to his charge worthy of death or of bonds.

30 And when it was told me how that the Jews laid wait for the man, I sent straightway to thee, and gave commandment to his accusers also to say before thee what they had against him. Farewell.

31 Then the soldiers, as it was commanded them, took Paul, and brought him by night to Antipatris.

32 On the morrow they left the horsemen to go with him, and returned to the castle:

33 Who, when they came to Caesarea and delivered the epistle to the governor, presented Paul also before him.

Our Daily Manna 2021
Our Daily Manna 2021

Our Daily Manna 19 December 2020 – THE FASTED LIFE!

There was a period the LORD asked and led me into living a FASTED LIFE! The fasted life is a life of PERPETUAL FASTING and PRAYERS! It does not mean you don’t eat! No! It means you make FASTING a PERPETUAL HABIT in your life And the reason He gave me was because my ENEMIES are also living a life of PERPETUAL FASTING in order to make sure I and this ODM vision come down (see Acts 23: 21)! He told me that there are some people who are ANGRY at the OVER 20 YEARS SUCCESS AND IMPACT of OUR DAILY MANNA globally and they have made a vow like the men in today’s scripture, that until I come down, they will not rest; I was warned by my 3 FRIENDS (God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit) to never stop fasting till they instruct me to. I was shocked because I know l have offended no man physically! It was a spiritual war! But can you imagine that MORE THAN FORTY MEN CURSED THEMSELVES because of Paul? They vowed NEVER to eat or drink till Paul was killed. Oh! The heart of man! But do you know that as you begin to serve the LORD or as you begin to rise in life and ministry, you will also encounter the same ANGER and EVIL VOWS/ CONSPIRACIES from the gates of hell using men and women? Oh, pray now Our Daily Manna 19 December 2020

  1. LORD, scatter every evil meeting or gang-up that has been planned because of me.
  2. My Father and my God, disappoint the wicked plans of EVIL CONSPIRATORS concerning my destiny in Jesus name
  3. O LORD, make a way of escape tor me concerning every determined and stubborn evil pursuer!
  4. I receive GRACE never to stop praying or fasting since my haters are determined not to stop evil prayers and satanic fasting.
  5. I pull down every EVIL ALTAR where my name is being mentioned and I dry up every SEA in which my destiny is being discussed in Jesus’ name Our Daily Manna 19 December 2020

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TODAY IS THE LAST ANOINTING SERVICE FOR THE YEAR Time is 12pm Nigeria Time. Theme: “DISAPPOINTMENT AT THE EDGE OF BREAKTHROUGHS, MUST EXPIRE BY FORCE.” Connect via youtube: Manna TV International FACEBOOK: ourdaibymannaonline and INSTAGRAM: Ourdailymanna_bishopchris, There shall be a last-minute miracle! Our Daily Manna 19 December 2020

PRAYER POINTS: Take. any song of victory as led.

  1. Pray about today now
  2. Pray the prayers, above in this write-up again
  3. Ask for the grace to begin living the FASTED LIFE!
  4. Pray about the remaining days of 2020. Loose/last-minute testimonies for ALL ODM users.
  5. Pray about the WORLDWIDE 21- day fasting programme of January (9th-29th) 2021- Tell the devil that NOTHING WILL STOP YOU and remind him that no matter how 2020 has been, YOU ARE NOT A QUITTER!

Our Daily Manna 19 December 2020

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