Our Daily Manna 26 August 2018 – TOPIC: HE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!

Our Daily Manna 26 August 2018



Many, many years ago when we entered university, some of us joined different Christian groups that were on campus so as to have fellowship with God and other Christians. In my third year, one sister who had just come in as a student joined the fellowship to which I belonged. She was a convert from another religion. One thing we cherished a lot in those days were birthday celebrations. Our greatest interest was to gather together and pray for the celebrant. See ODM 25th of August- Click here

Our Daily Manna 26 August 2018

Our Daily Manna 26 August 2018

As God would have it, as the years rolled by, I rose to become the fellowship pastor. This vibrant sister had become my friend because of her zeal for God. In the midst of her zealousness, she had one thing she worried about which she told me about several times. She felt she was getting older and suitors were not coming her way.

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One day, it was her turn to celebrate her birthday. We all gathered as usual to pray for her. As the prayers went on and were about to round up, a word came from the Lord for her. These were the exact words: “I am not a disappointment.” Today, that zealous sister is married to an engineer who is a big pastor in one of the largest Pentecostal churches in the world today. They both have four children and live in Canada! Amazing God!

Our Daily Manna 26 August 2018

Wonderful grace! When Hannah cried for children, God did not disappoint her! Likewise, Jehovah, the God of Hannah, sees all your open and secret tears, worries, aches and pain. That delay does not mean a denial or disappointment! In that seeming delay or disappointment, He is working out the very best for your life. No wonder Jacquelyn Mitchard, in the book titled,“The Deep End of the Ocean” noted: “It’s faith that really takes the courage.

The belief in things unseen.” Your God didn’t disappoint Abraham despite the many years of seeming delay! He won’t disappoint you too because He is not a disappointment. Hold on and hold out! Our Daily Manna 26 August 2018

PRAYER POINTS: Take your best worship song to God.
1. Pray about today’s word as led now. Our Daily Manna 26 August 2018 – TOPIC: HE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!
2. Oh God, I refuse to die by error. I reject untimely death.

3. I decree: Every DEMONIC EMBALMMENT AGENT planning IRREVERSIBLE DEADLY MISTAKES for my life, family and ministry; CATCH FIRE in Jesus name.
4. Pray in Tongues seriously now! Cancel the BORING life! Loose life that is full of impact and points others to your God! Our Daily Manna 26 August 2018

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  1. My message. Great man of God Dr Chris.

  2. Good morning Pastor!
    I have been an addicted ODM user since 2008. I have been tremendously blessed by your Ministry. God bless you Sir. I have been buying ODM since them. I just discovered the email opportunity However, I have 2 sons who were married in 2012 and 2011 without any issue up till now. Pastor, kindly join me pray to break this yoke. God bless you Sir. Their names are Anuoluwapo and Olaoluwapo. My name is Mrs. Oluwadare.

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