Our Daily Manna 26 January 2024

Our Daily Manna 26 January 2024


Our Daily Manna Bishop quote
Our Daily Manna Bishop quote

Welcome to the LAST day in this fasting programme! Share with me this PERFORMANCE AND HASTY TESTIMONY; because I WAS TOLD BY MY “3 FRIENDS” (God the FATHER, God the SON and God the HOLY GHOST) THAT YOU ARE NEXT TO TESTIFY! “Good morning Sir, I am Blessing from Abia State. I want to thank God for what He did for me. It all started during the 21-day fast. In my expectation request,I told GOD that I wanted to get pregnant by January or February without a miscarriage because I have miscarried two times. When I got to the topic of “THE WOMAN WITH THE BULLDOG FAITH,” I quickly changed my prayer request to getting pregnant that January. I never included February again. At the same time, I calculated my ovulation and it was exactly on the last day of the anointing service. I didn’t meet with my husband that day but I still kept my faith in God. That day came and I didn’t ovulate. Then I traveled to my husband’s base on Sunday and I saw my ovulation on Monday. I got pregnant immediately and had a smooth nine-month journey. I got to full term without a miscarriage and I gave birth to my beautiful princess on the 14th of October to the glory of GOD Almighty. You can publish my testimony to build someone’s faith in God: +234 816 479 9861).” Halleluiah! The God that performed this “TESTIMONY OF IMMEDIATELY” in the life of Mrs Blessing, after the 21-day fasting programme is in a haste to do your own this year and tonight at the World Anointing Night, Ogudu Orioke – LAGOS. Jehovah, “THE GOD OF PERFORMANCE” will exceed your expectations! Today’s scripture, Jeremiah 33:14 says: “Behold, the days come,’ saith the LORD, ‘thatI will perform that good thing which I have promised unto the house of Israel and to the house of Judah.” Wow! Note the words: “BEHOLD, THE DAYS COME.” The last 21 days (JANUARY) or 14 days (JULY) has come and tonight is the night! Note again: “That I will perform that good thing which I have promised.” God will show up for you tonight in Jesus name! Amen. Note this: “For blessed is HE/SHE that believes, for there shall be a PERFORMANCE of the things spoken, told or declared to him/ her from the Lord” (Luke 1:45).That means, with God your prayers are impotent without FAITH in His promises! LET YOUR FAITH BE STRONG TO RECEIVE TONIGHT. YOU SHALL TESTIFY IN JESUS NAME!

DAY 21 ODM 21 Days Fast Prayer WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT OF PERFORMANCE Ogudu-Orioke Lagos 7pm!

TODAY IS JANUARY/JULY WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT PHYSICAL GATHERING! Time:7pm (Nigeria Time) Venue: MANNA MOUNTAIN HEADQUARTERS (Jehovah Over Do Center), 8-10 Omotayo Banwo Street, Ogudu Orioke, via Ojota Lagos!! Come with your points of contact- oil, baby clothes, etc. WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU DON’T WANT IN 2024! We shall tear them tonight!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: Blessed assurance…
  1. Lord, I thank You for this awesome and glorious last day of
    this worldwide fasting programme.

  2. God of performance, show up for me tonight; take me from
    the crowd and perform Your work in me in Jesus name.

  3. I shall not fast in vain! Powers assigned to rubbish my fasting, die by fire in Jesus name. Pray for me, Bishop Chris and pray
    about Today/Tonight!


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